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Friday, July 29, 2016

Mindful and Intuitive Recovery: Tips for Healing PTSD & Addictions

Recovery from trauma and addictions is hard enough but if your mindset is not correct or positive then what is your direction. If your mind is left to its own direction, your mind tends to wander through all kind of painful and suffering thoughts. These thoughts are based on negative core beliefs that were formed during abusive, traumatic or addicting situations. 

Connected thoughts and associated emotions to those negative core beliefs that surface include anger, self-harm, cravings, desires, fears, depression, pain, revenge, self-pity, suffering and sometimes suicide. The mind left to itself does not always views or processes negative events accurately so your thoughts become distorted which results in you forming false emotions, therefore, you’re not perceiving what is going on in your body, mind or spirit correctly. Your perceptions and expectations seem to turn upside down. Safe becomes unsafe, real becomes unreal, causing you more pain and suffering. 

When your mind wanders freely your thoughts are directed toward the regrets, shame or guilt of the past or fearing the possibilities of the future that probably will never occur. Know that your past happened and is not happening. Your future is just a fantasy until it happens. You can’t fix the past and 99% of future predictions never works out the way you project, think or worry it will. As a survivor and addict, the one moment you actually can experience and effect changes in is the one you seem to avoid, now.

Meaning of Mindful and Intuitive

Probably you have not been introduced or have limited exposure to the concept of mindful or intuitive.

Mindful means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, body, mind and spirit without being judgmental. 

Intuitive is a different way of interpreting, of a sensing who you are, how you think, how your body feels, understanding your feeling, why you react the way you do and where you with yourself without evidence or proof. Being intuitive is using gut sense to be compassionate and connecting with yourself, your body and mind.
Tips for Mindful & Intuitive Recovery

Mindful and intuitive recovery is being consciously aware of your mind, body, beliefs, emotions, spirit, and thoughts as well as your intuitiveness. 

Mindful and intuitive recovery is knowing how you respond to PTSD symptoms without any self-judgement. A question is "how do I make what happen to me and things I have to learn productive for me in my life?" In recovery being mindful involves always paying attention to your mindset, intentions to recover and “on purpose”. 

Mindful and intuitive recovery means having a conscious direction of your awareness. Sometimes talk about being “mindful” or “aware” as if these words are interchangeable terms, but they are not. Think of it this way. You may be aware that you feel angry or afraid, but that wouldn’t mean you are being mindful of your anger or why you are fearful. In order to be mindful you have to be purposefully attentive, aware and focused fully on yourself and your body as well as ready, able and willing (RAW) to change, not just vaguely or habitually aware. 

Take Away

Traditional recovery methods and separation of PTSD and addiction treatment have not worked. Both survivors and addicts end up with Post-traumatic Stress symptoms either traumatic experience or developing an addiction. Maybe alternative methods for recovery should be explored.

So successful mindful and intuitive recovery maybe a different method which might reduce the rates of relapse in both.

 Mindful and intuitive recovery is noticing what is going on inside you and around you right now at the moment. Being mindful does not mean you can no longer reflect on your past or future, but when you do you do so be ever mindful of your mindset. 

Mindful and Intuitive recovery and healing from trauma or addictions is an action not a state of mind.
            Coach Bill

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