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Friday, December 31, 2010

Transforming Yourself

“Transformation is a process that frees the mind and heals the soul. In order to achieve a state of transformation, one must identify what is, release it and move toward what can be.”

A new opportunity is upon us with the onset of a new year. Focus on moving toward healing and success by seeking "Transformation of Self". 


Imagine that our mind and body are like a vessel. The events of the past year have filled our vessel with all type of experiences, emotions and thoughts, which can be either negative or positive. Once the vesssel is filled, the vessel cannot take on anymore. Our vessel becomes overloaded and unable to move in any direction. 

We tend to hold on to the cargo through false perceptions, fears, resentments or rooted beliefs. To enter into a state of transformation, the vessel needs to be unloaded of the old cargo to allow new cargo to be taken aboard. Let go of the old so that you have the space to allow new experiences, emotions and thoughts to be accepted. Anything is possible.

          Coach Bill

Thursday, December 23, 2010

#1 in Live365 Relationships Talk Radio Stations

Want to share with all some good news I just got today. I had done a few interviews on the Michele Hughes Show on the National Internet Live365 Talk Radio Station. One of the shows just became #1 in their ratings. 

Here is the link if you are interested - Copy and paste it into your browser. 

I am very proud that the show has touched so many people. Evidently my new theories on Core Beliefs have impacted a lot of listeners. Thanks to all who follow me through the development of my new Life Coaching Practice.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Effects of Programming on Survivors

Programming has a large effect on how your body responds to life events and how flashbacks are triggered through what your mind is fed internally or externally.

"The body follows the it it bad or be it disowned"

How a Survivor's Body Reacts 

How your body reacts depends on what your mind is fed. If your mind is fed negative information or focuses on bad things that happen or hurtful emotions then the body follows suit and it becomes sick. 

On the other hand if the mind is fed good material and focuses on growth and moving forward then the body reacts in a healthy way and performs at peak levels. 

If the mind completely disowns the body due to blame then the body begins to attract disease and is less able to fight it. 

So how your life goes depends solely on what your mind is being fed or what you accept into it and what type of thoughts you allow to run in your head. 

What to Do? 

Be aware of what you are allowing your mind to focus on. If you mind thinks on negative material you will focus on negative and not see positive. If you do not like your thoughts and want to think healthier then make a shift in your thoughts. Catch your thoughts and think in a more positive way. 

Be Positive

The more you work on shifting your thoughts to good or positive thinking the more fulfilled and successful you will be in your life

          Coach Bill