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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Perspective for Healing DID

One of my passions is to deeply understand the world of DID systems. Not only do I believe that the formation of DID is a normal response to overwhelming life threatening events, but also DID is a powerful defensive process against repetitive abuse and trauma as well as the need to survive.

For decades this "alternative world" of Dissociative Identity Disorder was painted in negative light. For 18 years, I have been looking to develop a method to help individuals with DID systems change their mindset to have a more cohesive life without crisis, chaos, separateness, strife and constant episodes of terror. I developed a positive method from my life coaching practice with DID clients. 

New Perspective 

The method is "muse shifting" or shifting the thoughts and beliefs of a DID system toward the idea that formation of a DID system is natural reaction to live and not pathological. The method changes the conflict dynamics of a system to support muses. Muses have been a huge inspiration for poets, writers and artists dating back to before Greek and Roman times. Why shouldn't the parts of a system become inspirational instead of advocacy. This method is called System Unification Method or SUM for short.

In reference to DID systems, musing is facilitating a massive shifting of the system's mindset from protective compartmentalization to collective and unified inspiration. Through musing a system (or as one of my clients called her system her "troops") stops focusing on possible threats and turns all energy toward being the inspirational and creative energy for the whole to develop new life skills. Under this new mindset everyday is a blank canvas on which the muses can create a new painting or response to life. Life then becomes art or experience and not something to avoid.

Increase Cooperation through Unification

This musing method has been embraced by many DID client's and their systems. The positive acceptance of musing quickly demonstrates a mindset shifts and dramatic results in acceptance, cooperation, and communication. No matter where you are on the dissociative continuum. Healing is possible.

Take Away

Dissociative Identity Disorder needs to be seen as a normal and natural survival response to experiencing multiple threatening situations of abuse and trauma. The ability to compartmentalize in a victim's mind can be compared to the creation of "roles" (wife, husband, policeman, fireman...) in an average person. It is time that DID be normalized rather than being feared or viewed as a disease. 

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          Coach Bill 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dr. Bill's New Social Video Show on Facebook

The question for my 1st social video show aired over Facebook was “What is your Personal Philosophy?” You can watch and learn more about my theory for personal growth and healing. I have gotten very good response from the viewers of the show. I plan on doing more episodes and I asked people interested in seeing more to suggest topics they would like me to talk about. Participate and send me suggestions at for what you want to hear on "Transforming with Dr. Bill"

I will be co-hosting an internet radio show "Renew Your Life Radio Show with Dr. Lisa Palmer" in Boca Raton, FL on Saturday night March 12th at 6 pm. You can hear the show locally in South Florida on WWNN 1470 AM radio or anywhere on