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Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Reasons Why Addiction and Trauma Are Related


                                          Monthly National Magazine

I am really excited and pleased that my article I wrote SEVEN REASONS ADDICTION AND TRAUMA ARE RELATED: A STRONG RELATIONSHIP was published in the August Issue of Sober World Monthly National Magazine.

As a result of all my years as of therapist and coaching work with individuals suffering from all types of addictions (alcohol, substances, or thought) as well as survivors of abuse and trauma, I found out both have more issues in common than difference. There exists a solid relationship between the two. 98% of all survivors which were treated in my inpatient psychiatric program suffer from at least one addiction or more. 

I discovered that both addiction and PTSD have to be treated at the same time. If both are not addressed in conjunction with each other, then the other will cause a relapse in the other or both.

Abuse and trauma survivors form and utilize addictions for 3 reasons.

     1.   To quiet the haunting terrorizing flashbacks

     2.   Eliminate devastating thoughts 

     3.   Numb out painful emotions

     4.   To subdue overwhelming feeling of hurt

 View the Whole Article on page 6 in Sober World August Issue

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