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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Relationship Life Skill: Internal Communication

The fastest way to lose a good relationship is not to communicate. Communication is a major part of that foundation of a relationship, whether it is with other people or us. We all have learned that if our relationship with self deteriorates then so does our relationship with others. If we cannot talk to ourselves then who can we talk to? 

So to have healthier relationships, one needs to improve their communication tools. 

The first place to start is to improve your relationship communication skills. It starts with striking up a dialogue with self. This dialogue is termed internal communication. It is a way to explore and explain your relationship with you. The place to practice new communication skills is with yourself until you become comfortable. Accomplish this by committing to spend 10 minutes each day, first thing in the morning, communicating with you. The more you practice communicating, the more skillful you become and the better your performance. This one skill will enrich all your relationships.

PTSD: Joy Keyes Radio Shows

Just finished talking on a Joy Keys, radio show on blog talk radio with 3 other experts in PTSD.
I was honored to be included with such well known experts from all over the country like Dr. Andrae Brown, Ph.D., Dr David Oslin,and Dr Robbi Saletsky, Ph.D.
Here is the link -
The program which is a featured program on the blog talk radio home page today. This presentation will also be available in the Joy Keys Radio Show Archives.

If interested, here is a link to another radio show - Michele Hughes Show - where I was the featured speaker.
I discussed my book, Separated from the Light, and other issues such as abuse, domestic violence, trauma, relationship, PTSD, and healing from psychological trauma.

I hope that you enjoy and learn from these two radio shows.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Words from Pat Richards

Hi, Gang! Although some people thought it would be impossible, I am no longer at WiiT. I know I will miss you all and WiiT, but I have some great ideas about what I might want to do next. I’m not going to share them yet, but will keep you posted when I light somewhere. WiiT will go on. Susanne has been a remarkable addition to the team this past year, and she will do her best to keep Dr. Bill in line. You know that won’t be easy! Dr. Bill is now the Clinical Director instead of me. It won’t be quite the same, of course, but it’ll be interesting to see where WiiT goes & grows from here. As long as there’s the Rapid Reduction Technique and the Incorporation Therapy Technique, and Dr. Bill, you know it’ll be awesome. I’ll be with you in spirit. Keep me in your affirmations!