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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abandonment: The Act of Surrender

Abandon is an experience that everyone has gone through at one point of their life. By definition - abandon is to withdraw or surrender our claim to ourselves. Overwhelming life events, no matter how small or how big, create experiences where one might have to abandon self. Abandonment by self or by others people is one of the most painful feelings to experience in life. Traumatic or abusive life events cause humans to abandon themselves in order to live. The feeling of abandonment breeds self hate, resentment and a feeling of loss. Over time a fear to even face self develops.
With each occurrence, a piece of the soul is lost. The human is never the same again.
The loss produces a structural change within. The soul is the main driver of our human core and the essence of all of us. So the emptiness is internally experienced as abandonment. To become healthy, lay claim to your soul and no longer live in a state of abandon.

Monday, March 9, 2009

4 Tips for Shifting to Positive Mindset

Do you feel you rigid or inflexible? Maybe it is your mindset.

Definition of Mindset

A mindset is a fixed mental attitude. A mindset is a mental habit that is comfortable or uncomfortable. A mindset can be flexible or rigid toward yourself or others. 

Hanging on to old mindset creates stress, shame, anxiety, blame, bitterness, negativity, fear, and rigidness. Over time a mindset results in poor physical health as well as a decrease in our mental and emotional health and performance. A mindset simply is a deep-seated attitude based on old perceptions, beliefs or prejudgements told, taught or forced upon you. 

One thing which is clear is your mindset is generally derived from another person's expectations or bias. Growing up in my generation, it was taught to take others mindsets, such as parents, teachers, coaches, policemen, etc., with blind faith. Never to ask questions. Functioning in life under another person's mindset does not work and causes deep feelings of unhappiness, disappointment and a feeling of being trapped.

Tips for Shifting from a Negative to Positive Mindset

1. Stop, slow down and connect with the moment

2. Focus and take in an intuitive sense of what your mindset is

3. Reclaim your personal authority by forming a new positive              mindset to replace the negative one on the same subject

4. Create a new attitude to support and validate your newly formed      mindset

Follow the tips above and you can create and attain command over unproductive mindsets and set new ones.
          Coach Bill