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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Note to My Core Self

Self-talk is very important in the pursuit of positiveness. You just shouldn't listen to your self-talk in your head, sometimes you need to communicate back clarifying how you feel. 

Here is a note I wrote to my core self.

Dear Self,
"Today, I will no longer allow others to define who I am. I will become mindful of the difference between me in the moment and me of the past who only resides in my memories. I will know that my past thoughts, actions, and feelings were a result of hurt done to me, and definitely were not my fault. Therefore I am no longer going to own them. I will believe strongly me and my positiveness. I will accept all that I am now. I will remember that my experiences flow like a river and in a moment all my experience will turn into history. My goal is to recognize and accept my core self totally, my authority and appreciate me daily."

         Coach Bill


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Resistance is Powerful

Why is resistance so enticing? Maybe because what it offers you particularly when it comes to the issue of change. You have a love and hate relationship with change. On one hand, you desire to change because it means growth. 

On the other hand, you are a creature of habit and once you are comfortable and adapted to your habit, someone or something, you don't want to change. There is your resistance. "I am comfortable and any deviation makes me uncomfortable". 

What to think?

Resistance to change is one of the most powerful forces in the universe as well as the most rewarding.

The counterbalancing force is the push toward balance and growth.

Once you accomplish that the resulting feeling from the clash of these two forces is anxiety. Anxiety causes you to be right in the middle, torn between the two. This anxiety should move you out of your comfort zone which may be filled with pain and "comfortableness" (illusion), and into a new space of personal strength.

Let go of resistance, be more mindful, trust in your intuitive instincts, and move toward fulfillment.

           Coach Bill