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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trauma Robs You of Your Identity

Experiencing a traumatic event is very painful and the aftereffects know as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD symptoms can stay with a survivor for a long time. The hardest thing to deal with and what every survivor truly knows is that he or she is never the same person after an abusive or traumatic experience as they were before. 

The act of experiencing trauma affects every of a human deeply and totally alters how the person acts, feels and thinks. Meaning trauma experience literally changes who the person was and how he or she will be from that point forward. A trauma experience actually robs many aspects of our identity. 

A trauma experience modifies every aspect of human identity or personal philosophy:






Personal authority




Trauma Robs You Of:

Unfortunately, identity is not the only thing that a trauma experience steals from you:

Trauma robs you of your light. 

Trauma robs you of your confidence, value, worth and esteem. 

Trauma robs you of your happiness. 

Trauma robs you of your ability to feel. 

Trauma robs you of your feeling of safety. 

Trauma robs you of your reality, life. 

Trauma robs you of your wholeness.

Trauma robs you of yourself. 

Trauma robs you of your all that should have been. 

Trauma makes you feel like you are nothing.

Besides robbing you of all you were, a trauma experience entraps and isolates you in a world of dark secrets, fear, terror, pain and hurt, a trauma experience entraps and isolates you in a world of dark secrets, fear, terror, pain and hurt.


If you are a survived a traumatic situation in your life without gaining closure there is no wonder you feel so lost, confused disconnected and empty. Everything you knew about yourself has been taken away. 

It is time to take back everything that you have lost. It is possible. With hard work and the right skills, you can create a new identity.

          Coach Bill
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Friday, January 25, 2013

1 Tip in Eliminating Traumatic Memories

   When you become triggered by the surfacing of traumatic memories from deep inside your subconscious mind and push into the forefront of your conscious mind it feels like you are going through that experience all over again. This process is termed re-experiencing or "reliving". Reliving traumatic memories strongly influence you, tends to define your life and causes a festering of an buried painful wound as well as make you to feel fearful, anxious, terrorized and worried.

   If traumatic memories are replaying out of control, it may be due to an upsurge of fear. Intense fear may cause you to realize that attuning to your fear can be a form of self-terrorism. The experienced fear will make you think and belief differently about yourself. Feel like you are not good enough and less than others which will destroy your confidence, esteem and self-value.

What can be done?

   You can eliminate traumatic memories and flashbacks. In order to heal you have to change your mindset from powerless to powerful. top giving past recordings (memories) influence over your life. Don't let old hurt and pain to govern your moments, determine how you respond to daily situations or who you are today. Don't be a slave to your traumatic memories.

Contrary to popular belief flashbacks and traumatic memories can be eliminated. 

1 Tip for Change

There are methods you can learn to help you achieve that objective. One way is Rapid Reduction Technique©® or RRT©® which can be taught to you and you can remove the associated emotional charge, intensity and connected triggers.

    It is time to divert your attention from the past. Live in the moment and create a positive vision of who you want to be now. Nurture yourself, accept yourself fully and create a new authentic identity. Learn that past recollections, good or bad are just recording of what was and cannot hurt you. Learn a new skill and retake your life back.

                             Yesterday is just a memory, 
                                    Today is a moment, 
                                                        Tomorrow is an enigma 


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