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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2 Tips for Intuitive Breathing Method

Breathing is the most important and necessary thing you do every day. Controlled breathing and bringing in more oxygen, can also be very healthy for your body and mind as well as emotional well-being. Intuitive breathing can produce health many benefits and increase your level of mindfulness.

Benefits of Intuitive Breathing

Breathing can be productive. If done intuitively and mindfully you can increase calmness, increase focus, increase mental clarity, and increase connectedness with your inner self as well as decrease anxiety and stress. Intuitive breathing is a form of mini-meditation.

Breathing and Anxiety

Anxiety can be very harmful to your response to situations, emotional overreactions, and relationships as well as your overall mental and physical health. Stress, the cause of anxiety can cause a negative emotional response and/or physical pain.

Breathing and Stress

Altering your breathing pattern slightly can reduce your stress levels and assist you in becoming more mindful. Increased stress can make it near impossible to control your emotions reactions toward yourself and others. The more stressed you have, the more irrational and reactive you may become.

Stress is also strongly linked to diseases. Chronic stress can give these conditions the green light to flood your body. Stress has been linked to cancer, lung disease, fatal accidents, suicide, and cirrhosis of the liver. 

Also be mindful that stress can cause you physical problems. Stress can cause you to gain weight and keep on weight, cause sleep problems (too much or sleeplessness), and cause you to feel older as well as look older. Too much stress to reduce your feeling of fulfillment, ruin relationships and cause negative thinking towards yourself and others.

Breathing and Emotional Triggers

When you know, you are emotionally triggered - stop, recognize you are triggered, then count to 4 and follow the steps for intuitive breathing method #1 below


Who wouldn’t want to be calmer, more connected, and more into the moment as well as feeling less anxious, more focused, more peaceful and less stressed? If this is something you would want then what follows is 2 methods that could improve your mental, emotional and physical health as well as your mindfulness.

2 tips on how to become healthier with Two Methods of Intuitive Breathing

Below are two breathing methods that will improve your health, your life, and well-being if practiced. Understand the more you practice one or both of the ways, the more significant the benefits you will receive.

Go through and experience both methods. Find out which way is most benefit you and which method would you help to reach your intention of better.

#1 Tip - Intuitive Breathing Method 1

This first method of Intuitive Breathing will assist you in reducing anxiety, help to achieve an increased degree of mental calmness, centers you into the moment, and improve your connectedness with your body, mind and immediate environment.   

To reduce your anxiety, become calmer and more connected follow these steps.

1. Inhale while counting to 4 in your head

2. Hold your breath for a count of 2

3. Exhale at a count of 4 in your head completely

Repeat at least a series of four (4) times to get the full effect.

You can use this method in any situation. You don't need a traditional meditation environment, to close your eyes, sit in a lotus position, or chant. 

You can perform this method while you are walking, standing, working, exercising, driving, at play, or during any daily routine. 

#2 Tip - Intuitive Breathing Method 2

This second method of Intuitive Breathing is a little different to assist you in decreasing your stress level and increase your ability to be mindful.  

1. Inhale while counting to 8

2. Hold your breath for a count of 4

3. Exhale entirely while counting to 8

Repeat at least 4 times to get the full effect.

You can use this method in any situation. You don't need to close your eyes, sit in a lotus position, or chant. 

You can perform this method while you are walking, standing, working, exercising, driving, at play, or during any daily routine. 

16 Benefits of Intuitive Breathing

Emotional stability improves 
Calms your mind
Clarity of thought materializes
Creativity enhances
Decreases anxiety 
Decreases response to pain
Enhances focus
Happiness increases
Lowers blood pressure
Increases your intuitiveness
Increases your oxygen level
Improves confidence 
Improves sleep
Improves instincts
Promotes inner peace 
Improved connection with the moment 
Reduces sensitivity 
Mindfulness increases
Mini-meditation experience 

Using Intuitive Breathing in Real Situations

Example One:
A client of mine learned and began to practice intuitive breathing for her anxiety. So recently she had to go for dental work. Through her whole life dental visits and work always brought up a lot of stress and anxiety for her. This time when she went to her dentist, she used intuitive breathing before she arrived and during her dental work. "Intuitive breathing has been helping me so much with my anxiety that I thought I would use it for my dentist visit. Again it was very productive for me. I didn't experience my usual high level of anxiety before, during, or after my procedure. It works awesome for me in all my real life situations."

Example Two:

"I recently had to go in for a surgical procedure myself. I had been practicing intuitive breathing since I developed it back in 2016. I had lower my heart rate and blood pressure with it and got much success. Use also use it for mini-meditation sessions daily. Well, when I went for my recent surgical procedure, I practiced before my pre-workup and when my blood pressure was taken it was 116/over 69. I was calm and did not feel any anxiety even though I had never been put under before. When I woke up, I was still calm and felt no anxiety for what I had been through".

Intuitive breathing can benefit you in your life in any situation once you learn, practice it and gain mastery. It can also help you to keep you mindful.


Intuitive Breathing can be performed by sitting comfortably with your eyes open or shut. You can also get same results when you are doing any daily activity. Both ways can help you to become healthier and increase your intuitive connection with yourself as well as live healthier.

These methods have also been shown to be useful for calming your body, decreasing your response to pain and increasing your threshold to pain as well as a mini-meditation for your body, mind, and spirit.

Practicing intuitive breathing methods will not only give you useful inner tools, but these intuitive breathing methods are also a great starting point for internal growth and inner peace.

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                        Coach Bill

Saturday, May 14, 2016

3 Tips on Mind and Addictions

The mind is a crucial part and has a significant influence on the addiction process. How you think determines who you are, how you respond to yourself, others, and life as well as what blocks you from succeeding. One reason for the development of addiction with survivors is the need to mentally escape the memories of sad, overwhelming and traumatic life events that you have experienced. The second reason is to numb out negative thoughts and false negative emotions.

Thought addiction is one of the most damaging habits of all addictions because thoughts play a significant part in the formation of every other addiction. Thoughts are generated and formed from your belief system. A belief system is made up of accumulated “core beliefs.” A core belief develops every time you experience a situation in life. 

Core Beliefs

The definition of core belief is a belief that you form about yourself during life situations you experience along with an associated emotion. Both the established beliefs and related feelings are independent of memory recorded during that event. Core beliefs reside in your subconscious mind and are for the most part hidden from your conscious mind. Core beliefs send the content to your inner voice. It’s your inner voice which determines the flavor and formation of your thoughts. Therefore if your core beliefs are negative, then your inner voice will be negative, critical, and possibly judgmental resulting in harmful and distorted thoughts. 

Ruminating on negative and distorted thoughts can cause you to form a thought addiction. Ruminating on a distorted thought can also create those thoughts to become diluted


An example is if you were playing in a soccer game, the coach pulls you out and yells at you about how you are playing; a core belief like “I am not good enough” or “do not measure up to others” may form. At the same time, an associated emotion forms, a core value develops, and both attaches to the core belief. Over time that core belief, associated emotion, and value embed itself into your subconscious mind. Now flash forward to your present life. You are at work, and your boss offers you an unexpected promotion or, your spouse yells at you for what you are not doing around the house, you become triggered and then a core belief like “I am not good enough” surfaces into your head. The result is that you turn down the promotion because you think you will fail at the job or you feel ashamed for not measuring up. In another way, you engage in a verbal conflict with your spouse and walk away from with negative and judgmental thoughts about yourself which then starts to loop over and over in your mind. Continually allowing this distorted thinking or responding to negative thoughts all the time can become a habitual pattern, lower your self-esteem, rob you of confidence, create a feeling of depression and cause you to fail in life. A thought addiction can be a precursor to becoming addicted to a substance, emotion or behavior or forming a co-addiction.

3 Tips

Researchers have found that if you attempt to stop an addiction at thoughts, you will be unsuccessful. 

Let’s look at this way. Say you want to kill a weed. You can rip or pick off the top and no matter how many times you do that the weed grows back. Why is that? It is because even though the head of the lawn weed is removed the roots are still there. The lawn weed will grow again. To kill or stop the lawn weed from growing back, you have to remove the source.

The same is true about an addiction. You can attempt to stop or control an addiction with your willpower of thinking it is very likely that you will relapse. So if you want to stop or remove an addictive habit, you have to remove the root or the contrary core belief that caused you to seek a something to stop your bad memories fears, insecurities or painful false emotions.

So if you want to be successful in addiction recovery, one - you need to recognize and understand the need and anxious thoughts that drove you to start in the first place. Two - then you need to dig deeper and find the core belief that is the root of your addiction. Three - change the core belief, and it will change how you think and react to life situations.

To eliminate an addiction you have the power to remove the root. Once the source is gone so is the associated trigger and craving to continue the use or the repetitive behavior.

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   Coach Bill                                      

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Powers of Thought: Intuitive Thinking: 5 Tips for Enhancing Your Mind

Do you feel that the content of your thoughts have control of you rather than you having influence over your thinking? Do you feel like you are mentally swimming against the stream attempting to be positive about yourself?

Moment to moment, thoughts and feelings, sensations, beliefs, and desires, flow from the subconscious to the conscious sculpting your nervous system like water gradually carving bridges from one brain cell to another. Your brain is continually changing how it operates and its structure due to the nature of your thoughts. 

The only question is: Is it for better or worse?

If the data in the subconscious mind is filled with negative beliefs about yourself, your inner voice will be negative in nature and cause the formation of negative thoughts. 

Mind Bridging

How does that happen? If the majority of your thoughts are negative, as you think them over and over, your brain cells build negative bridges from one brain cell to another. The more bridges are formed which connect more and more brain cells, the faster negative thoughts transmit themselves from one cell to another, and the more bridges are built. If you have positive thoughts, they do not travel across the negative thought bridges any bridge at all. Positive thoughts have to swim from one brain cell to another. So positive thoughts are much slower and labored. Positive thoughts then do not have the same power or influence on how you think as your negative thoughts do. It seems as though you are consistently dominated by negative thinking about yourself. 

Build Positive Neural Bridges

Here are some tips on breaking down old negative bridges and building new positive thought bridges.

1. Change your mindset about yourself first

This one is a crucial first step because if you truly love yourself, what other people think of you won’t affect our self-esteem and cause you to doubt or second guess yourself. If you love yourself wholeheartedly, there will be no need to form negative beliefs about yourself from what others say. Those statements will not haunt you like ghosts because you’ll already believe and think positive about yourself. Therefore, you will believe in who you are and know that you’re good enough.

This is hard to do because humans are such social creatures and what others say so easily affects your formations about how you believe in yourself. But with practice, letting go and loving yourself is possible.

Simple things like telling yourself what you love about yourself, forgiving yourself of past mistakes, quitting the shaming process for errors you’ll yet make, being grateful for who you are today, giving yourself a break will help your mind to tear down those negative bridge and begin to build positive neural pathways.

2. Create an intuitive thinking system

Giving your attention to negative thoughts cause your thoughts to become distorted over time. Your negative thoughts then prompt you to react emotionally and form false feelings. The false emotions then cycle back into your mind causing more distorted thoughts, which then drop back into your chest, creating more false emotions. 

Intuition is more powerful than intellect. To listen to your intuition, you have turned up the volume of your intuition so you can sense the messages from your intuition and hear your inner voice. Before you can pay attention to your intuition, you first have to be able to listen to it amid the dissonance created by your busy life. You have to stop, slow down and listen, which often requires solitude. One of the primary reasons that some people are more intuitive than others is that they actually hear to their gut feeling instead of dismissing or doubting it. By the way to do that is through intuitive breathing.

Another way is to try something new for 30 days. When a contrary belief about yourself surfaces (like I’m not good enough), ignore it and drop down into your intuition which is present in your gut. Get a “sense” of the belief. Decide whether the belief true or false? If it is false, then reject it by not giving it attention. Create a true sense of “I am good enough.”  Take that sense and send it to your heart. Once there an honest emotion will form the belief like “I feel worthy to be good enough.” Once you have the sense and real emotion, then go to your thoughts and think good of yourself. Repeat this process whether a negative belief surfaces in your head.

This intuitive system will help you to build new positive bridges and tear down the old negative bridges. This system of forming thoughts will instill confidence and the formation of new positive beliefs in yourself.

Trying this intuitive system for 30 days will open up your mind to the awareness and appreciation of yourself. This will empower and give you hope the moment and those good things will happen in the future. Your ability to shape the positive thoughts you have dreamed of.

3. Practice mindfulness 

Mindfulness is a mental state of active, open attention at the moment. When you’re mindful, it allows you to monitor your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions from a distance, without making a judgment about them whether they are good or bad. Mindfulness means living, sensing, thinking and feeling in the moment and becoming aware of experiencing situations happening in the now.

What better way to let go of negative thoughts to live fully and completely aware of the present. Cultivate a sense of gratitude when having thoughts of anxiety, fear, negativism, resentments or regret. When you contemplate on gratitude, anxiety, fear and negativism melt away. The more you practice gratitude, the more your confidence and self-worth grow.

Ways to enhance mindfulness is learning and practicing yoga, meditation and anything that causes your mind more relaxed and more confident. 

Live a mindful and intuitive life.

4. Connect with nature

Recent studies have shown that going outside and connecting with nature will shut down the negative thoughts and ruminating centers in your mind.

Just getting outside looking at trees and bushes, walking the dog, feeling the warmth of the sunlight, and breathing fresh air is enough to get you thinking outside of me.

When you focus on the moment and don’t let your past experiences follow you around, you are doing one thing exceptionally well: focusing on yourself. By getting outside and seeing the world around you, you expand your perspectives and strengthen your feelings of being fulfilled.

5. Focus on healthy relationships and a bright future

Lastly, connect with relationships you have which are healthy for you. Connect with others that will enhance your ability to be positive.

As tempting as it is to entertain negative thoughts about yourself with old memories of the past, it is a healthier thing to look at the moment toward a more fulfilling future ahead. Connect with positive and healthy people you have in your life now and the possibility of incredible adventures that will come tomorrow. 

It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, don’t look back with regret instead anticipate the possibilities of what you have in front of you now.


You have the ability and power to reshape your thoughts and build new positive thought bridges. It just takes focus, concentration, and an intuitive belief in yourself to accomplish it.

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     Coach Bill