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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Time at WiiT is Over

I would like to take a sincere moment to inform all my friends, colleagues, Facebook fans and faithful followers that as of today I am no longer at The Women’s Institute for Incorporation Therapy, lovingly known as WiiT, nor am I affiliated with Hollywood Pavilion.
I founded my dream and passion, WiiT, in 1995 to help survivors suffering from the experiences of abuse and trauma. I dedicated my heart, self, and soul to fight for that dream. WiiT has helped thousands of women to reach heights they never thought possible and to heal. I was lucky to see it take form and reach women all over the country and the world. To all of you I have worked with over the years at WiiT, I say I am proud of you. I will not be there anymore, but my theories and principles remain alive.
So as the sun sets in the west, I says good bye to WiiT but not to my dream. I will continue to grow, write, teach and help survivors through my Life Coaching Practice. I will continue to keep in contact through my website, my blog , my newsletters, and my Facebook posts. Thank you for all your support and loyalty throughout all the years.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Radio Show with Dr Palmer and Dr Ross

Hope all my followers got a chance to listen to the May 15th "Renew Your Life with Dr. Lisa Palmer". on BLOGTALKRADIO.COM It was another great experience for me to talk on the issues and principles which I believe in so much. I was asked a lot interesting and direct questions. I feel and have gotten feedback already that a lot was learned by listeners. Thanks all for the wonderful feedback.
If you have not heard the show, and trauma reaction, PTSD or healing is of interest, then take a few minutes out of you day and take a listen to the show on BLOGTALKRADIO.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dr Bill Tollefson on BlogTalk Radio Show

Hey everyone! I am speaking on blogtalk radio again on Saturday May 15, 2010. If you want to listen either on the 15th or later click on The Renew Your Life radio show with Dr. Lisa Palmer airs 6p Saturdays on WWNN 1470 and focuses on helping individuals to regain and maintain balance in their lives and relationships. We invite you to CALL THE SHOW LIVE at 1-888-565-1470. You can also LISTEN LIVE on INTERNET via BLOGTALKRADIO.COM Search "Renew Your Life with Dr. Lisa Palmer". Hope you all get a chance to listen. I will be addressing "Trauma Reaction -Triggers, Expectations and Traumatic memory"