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Saturday, February 15, 2014

3 Tips for Improving Focusing in the Moment

Surviving abuse or trauma was not a mistake. In fact, it was the result of your soul triumphing over your trauma experiences, your strength, and creativity. Experiencing abuse or trauma was not your choice, but surviving was your choice. 

To heal you need to focus on what you accomplished and not on the negative of the act done against you.


Believe in your own strength, believe in who you have become, be inspired by yourself and you will triumph positively for the rest of your life. 

3 Tips

Survival over or healing post abuse or trauma is accomplished by:

1. Let It Go

Letting go occurs symbolically. So to accomplish letting go, you should mindfully drop what you want to let go of, turn 180 degrees in your mind, walking away in a new direction and don't turn back around. 

2. Practice Mindfulness Daily

Spend 5 minutes a day in mindful thinking by closing your eyes. Inhaling while counting to 5, hold your breath for the count of one and the exhale. Do this mindful breathing 4 times for 1 week and then increase to 8 times after that. 

3. Focus on Your Positive Aspects of Yourself

Take stock in who you are and be positive about what you can accomplish. Understand you are what you think, so think positive. 


Be the master of your life and the architect of your identity. 

Action Step

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