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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election Blues: 4 Tips on Getting Over It

The election can cause a lot of anxiety, stress and worry about the future. Over expecting can put a hardship on your emotions as well as physical well-being. 

In fact, you can develop "election blues" which can make you believe that you don’t count and turn your mood into anger, frustration or disgust.

The experience overall can feel traumatic in many ways.

4 tips on how to mitigate the negative effects of the election.

1. Disconnect from Media

Disconnect from the onslaught of media and all the opinions. Yes, we all have to be informed but being over informed can put a strain on us. Too much information and particularly emotionally charged information can cause stress and worry. Out of balance of our emotional system can cause anxiety, anger, disappointment, frustration and discontent. 

2. Get Up Off the Chair and Do Something

Just don’t sit around watching TV or computer thinking you will gain new insight or thing will change any minute. Do something, take action is the enemy of anxiety. So overcoming anxiety, stress, and worry is best done by channeling your energy and focus on being productive.

3. Take Time and Take Care of Yourself

When people get anxious, stressed and worried they tend to constrict their muscles in their body for protection and their breathing becomes shallow reducing the oxygen to their brains. Practice meditation, intuitive breathing methods to calm and reduce anxiety in your mind and body. Exercise is a wonderful way to reduce stress. Go out and take a walk.

4. Put Your Fears on Paper

Write down your fears on paper. By putting them down on paper you recognize superficially what they are and the process takes away their power. 99% of all fears never come true as you believe they would. Remember tomorrow will be different and all conditions may change making the fears invalid.

Take Away

Understand that life events will change every day. Even though things feel so bad today it will change in time. Take care of yourself. You as well as the country is very resilient and we will get through this. 

Have faith that things will change and what was disappointing today may not be tomorrow.

                              Coach Bill