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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Effects Of Traumatic Life Events - The DVD

Hi it is Dr Bill. Hope you all are having a wonderful new year. 2010 is going to be a year of growth and new life, skills to be learned. One thing that I did new was to produce another DVD. I wanted to update more to my book - Separated from the Light – but rewriting is a hard and long process. I feel I have changed since I wrote the book in 1997. I thought and thought. While going through all the clips from my filming in Utah in 2007, I found the same topics and more. So I took all those principles that matched the principles in the book and I have created a video version of the book. The DVD came out this month. The title of the new DVD is - Effects of Traumatic Life Events: Empowering Your Life through Knowledge. This new video updates my popular topics from my book such as Movement of Self, Abuser Values, Loyalty, Dissociative Continuum, Unfolding Process, and more. There are also new topics that I had not presented outside of WiiT to this point, like Dancing with Symptoms, Trauma Robs, PTSD, Self Takes Flight and Movement into Recovery. This DVD is great place to start for someone who needs new understanding of what trauma does to a human, and to assist one in beginning their movement out of darkness, and into the light of healing. Over one hour of video.
So go to my website and check it out at my website.