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Friday, October 28, 2011

What are "Persecutor Alters in a D.I.D System?"

I receive many questions on the subject of Dissociative Identity Disorder, known as D.I.D. from survivors of serve abuse and who are suffering from Complex PTSD. In all my years of working with D.I.D. clients, it is this type of alters that are feared the most and are the most misunderstood.

"Persecutor Alters" is the most feared, resistant and rejected by the host as well as the professionals that work with this population.

"Persecutor Alters" referred to or viewed two different ways.

1. If the person experienced ritual abused then persecutor alter(s) is "demon(s)" put into the victim by suggestion through brainwashing and torture over an extended period of time. The victim is put into a high degree of suggestibility by deprivation of sleep, food and drugged. A victim perceives persecutor alters as one of their own alters but are in fact they are just a mirror image of one or more alters in the host system. These “mirror images or persecutor alters” have no eyes and are not a part of host’s Soul. This type of symbolic representations or persecutor alters generally create constant crisis and chaos for the victim internally and in his or her external life. Persecutor alters adhere strictly to the rules, beliefs, behavior, and values that the abuser or group set forth by force. The victim was made to verbally promise to adhere to for the rest of his or her life at the penalty of death. Persecutor alters sabotage the victim all the time.

2. The second-way persecutor alters are viewed is that they are a “resistant alter(s)” that abide completely by the rules, behaviors, beliefs, expectations, and /or values of their abuser. These types of alters tend to not believe or accept the “host system” because no one helped or saved them. This type had been singled out from the other alters and were put through intense emotional excitement to make sure that the rules, behaviors, beliefs, expectations, and /or values of the abuser would embed into the subconscious. These alter(s) are unknowingly affectionately attached and completely loyal to the abuser. Persecutor alters are unable or willing to attach to the host system or authentically view the reality. They are stuck in the past and in a toxic relationship. Crisis and chaos is the only life they know.
          Coach Bill