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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dr Bill on Radio Show

Hey Everyone! Here is the direct way to the the Blogtalk Radio Show I was on last night, Renew Your Life Radio Show with Dr Lisa Palmer. What a fun time. hope you learn from the hour long show.>

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Traumatic Memory and Flashbacks.

Hey Bloggers 

As my followers of my website and newsletter know I was on "The Renew Your Life Radio Show" with Hosts Dr. Lisa Palmer and Jeffery Cotton last night. The show can be listened to by going to and click play on the first show at the top of the radio show box.
The reason I am blogging today was to share a thought I had while preparing for the radio show, I reviewed the Diagnostic Criteria for PTSD. The first section was defining exposure and the second section was the start of symptoms. The section is titled "The traumatic event is persistently re-experienced. The first sub-section under that is the number one symptom - Recollections which includes traumatic memories, flashbacks, images, thoughts and perceptions. So I thought for awhile and realized in reference to human memory "without remembrance, there would be no reaction, and therefore no PTSD Symptoms". So if you cannot make closure with your traumatic memories and flashbacks, then you are stuck in the past. Personally, Thank God for Rapid Reduction Technique (RRT).