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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

5 Tips on How to Eliminate Flashbacks

“Life barriers don't define us; it is our reactions to them that does. Each life event makes us stronger” 

We all experience negative, bad or overwhelming events. In the moment, we now feel past situations have robbed of an aspect of ourselves. Understand that the resulting wounds of such events should not define us or weaken us, actually, they increase our inner strength, resilience and resolve. 

A Part of Self has been lost

Sometimes you feel like your life is falling apart and the residuals from your past have changed you forever. You no longer feel you are who you were. All you seem to be able to do is focus on the wrongs and the pain which thrusts you into placing criticisms and judgment upon yourself. Flashbacks of those horrible situations invade our daily life.

Flashbacks cause confusion

Initially, after experiencing a flashback it seems like what you are seeing is unreal and never happened. Then once the denial has passed there is no reason for what happened. Fear and confusion prevail your mindset. 

Change your Mindset

Be open to the message of a flashback. A flashback reveals to you that you have inner power, strength, and resilience as well as you have matured and grown. Do not close yourself off to the possibility your mind is asking for healing. Maybe as a result of a new positive, healthy mindset, a new door will open within you and a new you will be discovered.

So over time, all the pieces of past painful situations will come together a new beginning will be revealed to you.

Tips on What To Do?

Don't be a slave to your memories. Don't react to what happened but what we accomplished in surviving. Move forward.

Try these 5 tips when you re-experience a flashback in your mind:

    1. Slow down 

    2. Breathe deeply 

    3. Ground yourself 

    4. Listen for your inner truth 

    5. Take comfort in the strength of your inner self, and
        accept the message or answer from within

    6. Don't give it power by feeding your flashbacks with attention


Focus on the moment and envision a positive future. Embrace self and celebrate every minute in the moment.

Resist all self-defeating beliefs, self-limiting ideas, negative looping thoughts or old beliefs of being broken or damaged, because you are not

Forgive yourself rather than listen to old negative messages. Traumatic experiences make us stronger, not weaker. 

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