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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Powers of Thought: 3 Tips for Re-Authoring Your Identity

Do you feel emotional hurt, pain or suffering from experiencing significant or life-threatening situations? Have these experiences changed you as a person and you haven't felt the same since then? You also knew you had lost your identity as a result?

Many people experience negative, hurtful or painful situations which leave them emotionally, mentally and physically wounded.
A person is never the same as they were before a painful or hurtful event. After the experience, they really think that the situation defined them. The fact is that nothing anyone went through has to define them.

If you answered yes, you are personally exhausted, seriously want to stop the suffering and want to become productive and positive then read on. 

Know that change is possible But you must be open to being raw. Raw in this case is being ready, accountable & willing to make the change.

I believe strongly that everyone can be in charge of their own authority, power, their own life story, identity and life direction. Understand that the past is gone. Make a positive future by re-authoring yourself. 

Become your own master of defines you as a person

Re-author Who You Are

If you don't like how you think, how you feel and how you act then your future can be changed by creating a new version or re-authoring yourself. 

You can start today by taking back your personal authority, energy, and power. 

3 Tips on How to Re-author Yourself

If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author of your own story. Every day you have the opportunity to write a new page and script a new story of yourself.

Here are tips on how to re-author yourself into a new person. So let's get you started.

1. Write down all the negative things you don't like                                about yourself or your identity as a result of situations you                experienced.

2. Next, to each negative statement write down in detail how you         would change each statement to a positive statement which               would craft a new vision of yourself.

3. Once you have written a new version of yourself, practice the          new plan mindfully every day until you master your story feel          comfortable your new identity. Then keep practicing your new        identity until it becomes intuitively automatic.

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           Coach Bill

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Thoughts on Loss

We all experience many different types of loss. Sometimes we are afraid to feel the feeling we experienced associated with those losses. As a result, we do not allow ourselves to grieve. Grief unexpressed negatively impacts our lives, relationship with self and health, whether those; losses were a minor loss or major. Here is a statement to think about.

"Someday you're going to look back on this moment of your life that should have been such a fulfilling time of grieving. You'll see that you were in mourning, your soul was wounded and your heart was broken. So it is very important to grieve each loss you experience and heal your soul. The act of grieving
began your healing and life was changing..."

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          Coach Bill

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life Change

You cannot change your present life by re-inventing your history, rather your life changes by creating a future. You cannot be successful if you are always analyzing the memory of your past. I have said for years about one’s personal history, “It happened. It is not happening now”. Stop cancelling out your present by living in the past. Let go of regrets and bottled up anger about events that have happened. Allow closure to occur in your life.

Now is the time to take a positive step forward by changing your mindset. Envision your future in your mind. If you can see mentally where you are going then it is possible to get there. So take your focus off of past disappointing and painful life events you cannot change, regain your personal authority, learn new skills, make an action plan and move forward in your life. Your power is embedded within you. Practice mindfulness.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I have been invited again to be the Guest on Renew Your Life Radio Show and it is happening this Saturday the 14th @ 6:00 pm, day before my birthday. I will be the guest and not a co-host this week. Dr. Lisa Palmer, I and all her loyal listeners are going to have an intimate discussion on the topic of Personal Philosophy: How It Affects Our Life Story .

Personal Philosophy plays an integral part in how humans function in life. It is the foundation of our identity. Personal Philosophy drives our reactions and is the essence behind our life stories. Please schedule your time to listen and please call in with any question. I am very excited, and energized about the topic. Issues discussed will include effects of Core Beliefs, Values, Programming, and Expectations and how this are an outgrowth of our Personal Philosophy. 

I think it should be a lively, interesting and educational discussion between just Dr. Palmer and me.
Mark your calendar and join us on the radio. So tune in and listen to the show in South Florida on WWNN 1470am or on copy in the search box - renew your life with Dr. Lisa Palmer – then click search.