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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Memory: Shadows of Our Past

My latest quote:

"Communicate with your memories to move forward in your life"

Everyone is haunted by memories or flashbacks of emotionally overwhelming events in our lives in one form or another. We have been at the mercy of these recollections that seem to show up uninvited. These uninvited memories follow us like mental shadows seeking recognition, communication, and closure. Now there is a life skill that can help us do all three and then lay them to rest, never to trouble our life again. Rapid Reduction Technique known as RRT is a life skill that can assist one to safely revisit a hurtful and painful memory of a past overwhelming life event, take back what was lost, make an emotional closure, achieve integration of a non-integrated event and return the memory to its rightful place, long-term memory storage bank. RRT allows one to lay troubling memory to rest. RRT helps one to communicate with ones dark/haunting memories, and then move forward in one's life.

        Coach Bill