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Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 Tips for Overcoming PTSD

Want to eliminate PTSD symptoms?

Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) cannot be ignored. Millions of people work around with the aftereffects of abuse, catastrophic events, combat, and trauma. And survivors believe they can do nothing about them. But it takes more than just a wish to get rid of them. Just ignoring them will not make them disappear either.

PTSD is real and a silent epidemic in a modern society ravaged by wars.

How to heal successfully from PTSD is to face its symptoms. Don't be afraid and find a way to covert your survival experience to positive. 

Respond to your PTSD symptoms by viewing them as a recording of an event that "happened, but not now happening." Is that possible? Will that help me to make closure? 

Mindset Shift

One significant way of taking away the power and overwhelming influence of PTSD symptoms is to change your mindset toward them. Shift your attitude of PTSD from negative to positive. Positiveness can be found in the worse of situations. Start with being grateful you are alive and the natural strength that got you through it all.

2 Tips on Overcoming PTSD

Tip #1 

What you are experiencing is a healthy mind, body and spirit response to experiencing life-threatening situations.

Tip #2 

Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) is an innate gift and a natural defense mechanism. Nothing to be afraid of.

View a flashback as a blessing and learn a skill that will help you to dissipate the intensity, making an emotional closure, eliminate the connected emotional charge, facilitate mental order and move it to proper storage. 


No athletic ever won a gold medal without gaining more skills. 

Faith in the strength that you display to survive the traumatic event will help you to overcome the symptoms.  
As long as you acquire a new skill and work your faith, you will be successful. Remember recovery from PTSD symptoms is long distances run not a sprint. There is a proven skill that will stop re-experiencing.

Want to see a skill that can help you make the mindset shift

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          Coach Bill

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PTSD & Thought Addiction: Powerful Relationship

"Thought Addiction is a real addiction and its power can devastate your life."

Do things happen in the present which causes you to be triggered into a flashback of a past traumatic experience(s)? 

Do you find yourself unable to get free from the residual self-judging and negative thoughts that go along the with PTSD? 

If your answer is "yes" to either or both then read on.

Trapped in the Past?

After having a traumatic flashback episode it seems as though you become trapped within a negative thought pattern or a constant disturbing thought loop. Seems you never connect the two together. The flashback and the thought looping. That is very common with survivors of abuse and trauma.

Negative Thoughts Your Inner Voice

The aftereffect of a  PTSD episode for many survivors is the influx strong negative intrusive thoughts. The resulting influx of thoughts is a consequence of surfacing buried core beliefs from your subconscious. These afterthoughts such as “It was my fault”, "I caused it to happen”, “I do not deserve better”, "I should be punished" or “I am not worthy of anything better” invades your mind.

Mental Havoc Abounds

Traumatic thought or set of thoughts can wreak havoc on every aspect of your life. These types of thoughts originate from embedded core beliefs that form at the time of the traumatic event and quickly surface due to the triggering effect of the flashback. These thoughts can also produce a re-traumatization on top of the primary trauma memory, adding a secondary PTSD symptoms. The thought can remain prominent in your daily thoughts for months. Traumatic thoughts can disrupt your functioning and cause you to isolate and withdraw. You can become addicted to a thought or set of thoughts called thought addiction (TA). TA can spiral you into other addictions as an attempt of trying to quiet your mind and stop the thoughts from always looping.

On one hand, the looping thoughts cause you to self-limit and sabotage yourself as well as self-defeating thoughts set in. On the other hand, constant looping thought to get you out of your body and numbs out your emotions kicked up from the experienced flashback. The more you concentrate on a thought it is for an emotion to break through. Soon control is lost and the thought takes over. The more one attempts ignore the thought or thoughts the more you focus on them the stronger they become.

An example is when you attempt to ignore a thought, the more you think of it the more intense it becomes and harder it is to stop it. Another everyday example is when a song gets stuck in your head, the more you attempt to stop it the more it plays.


Why hold on to a negative thought or set of thoughts that do not serve you at all? There is hope in unblocking a thought addiction, regain clarity of thought and power of positive thinking

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           Coach Bill