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Monday, July 19, 2010

Powers of Thought: Take Back Ownership of Yourself

Just wrote a new article on titled "How to Take Control of Your Life". It is my second article on Hub. I have gotten a lot of responses from the first article and I am very pleased.

This new article looks at the issue of Self-Ownership. There are many events, situations, and issues in life that cause us to let go of our ownership of many things including ourselves. The experiencing of an overwhelming life event, particularly a hurtful, negative, abusive or traumatic event. Each type of these events is a loss. 

A loss can occur mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. These overwhelming life events can cause feelings of emptiness. Emptiness may be felt in your body, emotions, esteem, specific organs, mind, spirit, or esteem. 

The loss and emptiness are translated internally core beliefs of "I am worthless", "I am not like other people (less than)", "I am not good enough" or "I did wrong". This translation alters the perception of self, therefore, changes the relationship with self. The negative altered perception becomes "my inability to control or perform adequately" has caused the problem (a loss) in life, everything went wrong due to me, and it is "my fault" or “I hate me.” At that point, the disowning to yourself occurs.


To become healthier your first action should be to take back full ownership of whatever was disowned. The disowning could be your body, emotions, esteem, specific organs, mind, spirit, or esteem. Today is a good day to take back ownership of yourself by taking action. 

Read this article How to Take Ownership of You and fill out the personal ownership document at the bottom. Once completed you will feel the personal authority of ownership.

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         Coach Bill

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4 Tips for Developing a Positive Belief System

I have written many times about core beliefs and their importance in your lives. Personal strength and integrity are an outgrowth of your core beliefs and the worth you place on each belief. 

But what supports your worth you have for yourself? Well, it is your core beliefs. Your belief system is the foundation of your identity. Core beliefs are the base for your personal philosophy which is what generates your identity.

Core beliefs support and influence how you think, feel, act and react. Accumulated beliefs are an accepted beliefs you develop from your experiences throughout life or have been taught to you by others you have an emotional attachment with. If told “you are not worthy” then you link a high core value to that belief then you will believe “I have no worth anything”. You are not aware of the formation or manifestation of your core beliefs because it happens quietly in your subconscious. First awareness of core beliefs is when you hear it in your head through your "self-talk". If your self-talk is positive then you can believe that your core beliefs are positive and your thinking will be positive thinking. But if your self-talk is negative, critical and judgmental then you can believe that your core beliefs are negative. 

4 Tips on being a healthier person

To become a healthier person: 

1. You need to look deep inside yourself, recognize your core              beliefs that you carry.

2. Write down all the beliefs you have about yourself, good or bad, positive or negative. 

3. Determine which core beliefs are true and beneficial. 

4. Denounce the false ones and get rid of those negative beliefs by      replacing them with new positive core beliefs about yourself. 

Take Away

Let go of harmful beliefs which do not serve you or the beliefs that are barriers to your intentions for fulfillment, happiness, and success. 

Remember, you are worthy of accomplishing anything you desire, but you have to believe. You are worthy and good enough.

         Coach Bill

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