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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

5 Tips on Stopping Negative Thinking

Troubled with negative thoughts? Well then, ask yourself the following questions.

Are your negative thinking?causing trouble in your life? 

Do you find it so easy to focus negative thoughts in your head fulfilling and positive ones? 

Do you find those negative thoughts play, the more they affect you?

Here is an example. Say you feel like an idiot because of a dumb mistake you made at work. That triggers you to believe that you are not good enough. You keep telling yourself you're an idiot or not good enough for anything. What happens over time is you start to believe the lies of you negative thoughts and become your truths.

Thought Addiction

If you answered yes to all three, then you a vulnerable to getting caught up in a thought addiction. A thought addiction is thinking a thought or set of thoughts and you think them over and over again with the feeling of losing control. It is like when you get a song stuck in your head and no matter what you do it continues to repeat. A thought addiction can be subtle, mentally inconspicuous or power and can negatively influence how you relate or view yourself. In the end this constant thought looping can have a debilitating outcome. Looping negative thoughts can have seriously depletes your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy as well as make yourself your worse enemy.

The more you recall or focus on negative thought or thoughts the more powerful they become Repetitiveness causes negative thoughts to stick with you.

How do you know when you have such a habitual thought anomaly? 

Here are 9 indicators that will aid you in discovering if you’re a habitual negative thinker.

1.     When the thought or thoughts in your head consumes all your
         mental time and energy

2.     When you are so consumed and focused on one thought or set          of thoughts that you stop experiencing your yourself or others

3.     When you find yourself breaking a promise to yourself to not            think a negative thought or thoughts

4.     Spending more time in thoughts of the past than in 
        the moment

5.     When eating, and sleeping patterns are severely 
        disrupted due to constant thinking

6.     Experiencing increased anxiety and worry

7.     Being in fear of that you do not have control of your thinking

8.     When a thought is more important than anything else in life

9.     When thoughts are ruining your relationship with yourself 
         and others but you can’t stop focusing on them

Stopping ruminating about negative thought or a thought addiction is not about eliminating or replacing. It’s about discovering the root that generates that type of unproductive thinking. 

Now the good news. There’s a way edit your negative thinking by changing its roots. Changing the root of your thinking will result in strengthen neural networks devoted to positive thoughts and happier mindsets as well as producing improved mental health and more life fulfillment.

Here are 5 do yourself tips you can put into practice right now to stop your negative thinking.

1. Write your negative thoughts down

This first and more power step to improvement is recognition. In writing down your negative thoughts, you'll have to 1 identify, 2 become aware and 3 acknowledge them. Along with articulating your negative thoughts note the beliefs those thoughts are generated from and what triggered each of you negative thoughts after each. Writing down all your negative thoughts, beliefs their based on, their triggers and precisely why you think them will be a liberating mind clearing experience.

2. Denounce each negative thought as truth

Denouncing the truth of each thought nullifies the lies within. Then sense each negative thought. 
Back to you are not good enough thing. Instead of ruminating over it constantly to yourself "I'm not good enough," drop into your gut or intuition and search your own sense of "Am I not good enough?" If honest you will discover your true sense, you won’t sense any support evidence. See negative thinking is not based on reality but rather on negative beliefs form growing up from lies express to you from others. Going through your intuition helps to avoid the lies of the past or the false emotions produced from your negative thinking.

3. Practice strengthens your resolve

If you feel tip one and two just aren't working? Practice, practice and practice some more. Recognize them by writing them down. Confront and reduce their power by denouncing them. Do it again and again until you get positive results. Lies seem powerful but with practice the light will shine through. If you have ever trained for a sporting event, you also have to train your mind to tom think in new and more creative ways.

4. Don’t take it personally

Once to take something you think or someone else’s says you have a tendency to take it personally. Once you take something personally you lose all clear perspective. Distance yourself from your negative thinking, by imaging you are someone else. Say you're a close friend of yours who faces the same day-to-day barriers, challenges and negative thoughts. Ask yourself what does that person truly need, it is validation. Validation counters negativity and uncovers the lies. Realize what advise you would give that close friend and give that same guidance to yourself.

5. Don’t give up 

Giving up actual intensifies the power of your negative thoughts. Re-direct your energy by doing something physical. Switch gears to a different venture. Like clean your kitchen floor with a tooth brush. Focusing on cleaning the dirt out of kitchen floor take focus and energy. Your mind can’t think about more than one thing at a time. Maybe you should get up and move to a different room, take a walk. Encourage yourself to think about something else entirely. Your mind can’t focus on a negative thought once it's wrapped up in a new task.

Don’t be a slave to your negative thoughts. Take back your power of thought.

        Coach Bill                       

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