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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2 Tips on Intuitive Breathing Calms Mind & Body

Breathing is the most important and necessary thing you do every day. Controlled breathing and bringing in more oxygen, can also be very healthy for your body and mind as well as emotional well-being. Intuitive breathing can produce health many benefits and increase your level of mindfulness.

Benefits of Intuitive Breathing

Breathing can be productive. If done in an intuitive and mindful manner you can increase calmness, increase focused, increase mental clarity, and increase connectedness with your inner self as well as decrease anxiety and stress. Intuitive breathing is a form of mini-meditation.

Breathing and Anxiety

Anxiety can be very harmful to your response to situations, emotional over reactions and relationships as well as your overall mental and physical health. Anxiety can cause a negative emotional responses and physical pain.

Breathing and Stress

Altering your breathing pattern slightly can reduce your stress levels and assist you in becoming more mindful. Increased stress can make it near impossible to control your emotions reactions toward yourself and others. The more stressed you have the more irrational and reactive you may become.

Stress is also strongly linked to diseases, and chronic stress can give these conditions the green light to flood your body. Stress 
has been linked to cancer, lung disease, fatal accidents, suicide, 
and cirrhosis of the liver. 

Also be mindful that stress can cause you physical problems. Stress can cause you to gain weight and keep on weight, cause sleep problems (too much or sleeplessness), and cause you to feel older as well as look older. Too much stress to reduce your feeling of fulfillment, ruin relationships ans cause negative thinking towards yourself and others.


Who wouldn’t want to be calmer, more connected, and more in the moment as well as feeling less anxious, more focused, calmer and less stressed? If this is something you would want then what follows is 2 methods that could improve your mental, emotional and physical health as well as your mindfulness.

2 tips on how to become healthier with Two Methods of Intuitive Breathing

Below are two breathing methods that will improve your health, your life and well being if practiced. Understand the more you practice either or both methods the greater the benefits you will receive.

Go through and experience both methods. Find out which method is most benefit you and which method would you help to reach your intention of better.

#1 Tip - Intuitive Breathing Method 1

This first Intuitive Breathing method will assist you in reducing anxiety, help to achieve an increased degree of calmness, and improve your connectedness with yourself.  

In order to reduce your anxiety, become calmer and more connected follow these steps.

1. Inhale while counting to 4

2. Hold your breath for a count of 2

3. Exhale at a count of 4 completely

Repeat at least 4 times to get full effect.

You can use this method in any situation. You don't need to close your eyes. You can perform this method while you are walking, standing, working, exercising, driving, at play or during any daily routine. 

#2 Tip - Intuitive Breathing Method 2

This second Intuitive Breathing method is a little different to assist you in decreasing your stress level, and increase your ability to be mindful.  

1. Inhale while counting to 8

2. Hold your breath at a count of 4

3. Exhale completely while counting to 8

Repeat at least 4 times to get full effect.

Benefits of Intuitive Breathing

Anxiety decreases
Emotional stability improves 
Clarity of thought materializes
Creativity enhances
Confidence rises
Connection with the moment 
Decreases response to pain
Happiness increases
Increase your intuitiveness
Inner peace happens
Mindfulness increases

Using Intuitive Breathing in Real Situations

Example One:
A client of mine learn and practiced intuitive breathing for her anxiety. She had to go for dental work which prior created a lot of anxiety for her. This time at the dentist she used intuitive breathing before and during her dental work. "Intuitive breathing help me so much. I didn't experience my usual level of anxiety before during or after my procedure. It works awesome for me in my real life situations."

Example Two:
I recently had to go in for a surgical procedure myself. I had been practicing intuitive breathing since I developed it back in 2016. I had lower my heart rate and blood pressure with it and got much success. Use also use it for mini-meditation sessions daily. Well when i went for my recent surgical procedure I practiced before my pre-workup and when my blood pressure was take it was 116/over 69. I was calm and did not feel any anxiety even thought I had never been put under before. When I woke up, I was still calm and felt no anxiety for what I had been through.

Intuitive breathing can benefit you in your life in any situation once you learn, practice it and gain mastery. It can also help you to keep you mindful.


Intuitive Breathing can be perform by sitting comfortably with your eyes open or shut. You can also get same results when you are doing any daily activity. Both ways can help you to become healthier and increase your intuitive connection with yourself as well as live healthier.

These methods have also been shown to be useful for calming your body, decreasing your response to pain and increasing your threshold to pain.

Practicing intuitive breathing methods will not only give you beneficial inner tools, but these intuitive breathing methods are also a great starting point for inner growth and inner peace.

         Coach Bill

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