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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

6 Tips for Cracking Mind Code

"Cracking the code that governs your mind, body, and spirit, therefore, discover what is holding you back."

Do you honestly know what determines, drives, governs and influences you and your life?

Many times I am sure you feel as though your mind is operating as it would like and not how you would like it to. 

The human mind operates off of structure and order. In fact, it demands structure and order to function. Just like if you wanted to build a building without structure or order, the building would probably not stand up correctly, be off center and fall over. An edifice or building requires an intricate set of blueprints to be built and once finished to function. The same is true about a human. 

There has been a lot of scientific studies researching the brain in science, psychology, psychiatry, and neurology, but the results are not that understandable to the general population. Sometimes, to understand how the brain functions you would need to have an advanced degree. Oh boy! Why can’t what is found out about the brain, conscious and subconscious be translated into everyday sense terms? The problem is scientists and clinicians speak in clinical, not in layman’s terms. 

New Understanding

Are there rules to how your mind conducts business? You need rules to have a structure in not only how your mind works but how you governs yourself. 

Now there is Mind Code Architecture© that can help you interpret why you do, feel, think and react the way you do. Mind Code Architecture© structure can help you translate complex research data into common sense knowledge, demonstrating that the whole human body has order and purpose.

How? Well, the operation of your mind can only be understood by three simple rules:

Rule # 1 is “the mind does not have feelings.” 

Rule #2 is “the mind can only do what written on it. 
                  Nothing more, nothing less.” 

Rule # 3 is “whatever is written on your mind will happen.” 

Rule # 4 is “whatever is not written on your mind will absolutely 
               not happen.”

As you grow up, your brain records and stores data from your life experiences. Your mind then begins to form code which embeds into your subconscious. Think of it as the large dome-shaped room like in a planetarium where the stars, planets and other celestial objects are projected onto a screen above and represent the “complex motions of the heavens.” It is the same concept for all human code is imprinted on the ceiling of the subconscious. Every operation of your mind is governed and conducted by your mind code embedded in your subconscious mind down to the cell level.

Humans have Two Types of Code:

There are two types of code. One type runs the involuntary functions of your body, and the other operates the operations of your mind.

Type #1 code is termed, for this article, innate code or physical function code. The innate code is the gene code that has been written on a cell level and begins to operate at the time of conception. The innate code generates physical development and growth. The innate code runs all physical involuntary and voluntary operations of the organs in your body and is produced utilizing human DNA. This innate code regulates heartbeat, digestion and elimination, respiration, blood pressure, and so on. It makes sure that all organs run in balance with each other.

Type #2 code is termed mind code. Mind code is defined as a systematic collection of subconscious data that instructs how your beliefs, procedures, principles, and rules will run and determine how you will act, feel, react and think. Mind code governs the deepest part of your mind called the subconscious mind. 

Mind code monitors, governs, influences and dictates the operations of the conscious mind or how you will react (mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, physically, spiritually and environmentally) toward yourself, others and the world. Depending on the type of code your brain has accumulated, negative, positive or traumatic causes your mind to either support or block fulfillment, happiness or success throughout your life.

Here is the question? 

Do you know your own mind code? The factual answer is “NOT really.” 

In fact, any given person knows less than 4% of their mind code. That is because 90 to 96% is totally subconscious, out of your awareness and out of your control. Wow! You need to understand genuinely that  95% plus of you is influenced every aspect of who you are and how you live.

Think about it. How many times have you made a decision not to say, do or feel something? Then all of a sudden, Bam! Even with all conscious attempts at self-control or how hard you try the effort fails miserably, and you do exactly what you promised yourself you would not do. And have no idea why you did. Sometimes words you didn’t want to say pop out of your mouth, or you behave in the way you promised not to, or the emotion you swore you would not to feel surfaces.

6 Tips on Cracking Your Mind Code

1. You need to recognize your mind code and the rules that 
    govern you
    Once you recognize and become aware of your mind code, then      you can determine which codes are fulfilling, motivating and           which codes may self-defeating, self-limiting.  

2. Know that the way to view your mind code is 
    through knowing your core beliefs

3. Accumulate a list of all the beliefs you have 
    about yourself 

   With each core beliefs ask yourself; is the core belief you wrote       down is true or false, and whether it is a fact or illusion. Also,         figure out if and what kind of emotion would this belief                   produce or stir in you?

4. Determine which core beliefs are good and 
    which are not

   For example, I am a good person, or I am not good enough, I            deserve whatever I work hard for, or I am unworthy of anything

5. Create new core beliefs to replace the false, 
    delusional and lousy emotion evolving beliefs

   Disavow and recant each lousy belief that is not working for             your betterment. Commit to denouncing and stay strong to your     new resolve.

6. Practice, practice and more practice
    Rehearse by reading your new list of beliefs once in the 
    morning when you wake up, once or twice in the middle of the        day as you take a mindful break and thirdly, and most important      before you close your eyes as you go to sleep.


If you follow tips 1 through 6, not only will your core beliefs change for the better but you will be able to crack your mind code. Once your core beliefs are rewritten, then your mind code will adjust and alter to a whole new way of thinking. Practice method in tip #6 will help you install a new subconscious structure and order that will make you more mindful, intuitive, positive and productive. 

You have nothing to lose by taking a risk.

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          Coach Bill

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