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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tips for Erasing Traumatic Memories and Flashbacks

Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms

One of the worst symptoms survivors have to deal with after abusive or traumatic experiences is the onset of Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD) symptoms. The worse symptoms of the bunch is flashbacks and traumatic memories. I set out as a passion in my life to help develop a technique which would help people to eliminate the emotional charge and intensity in a traumatic memory. All survivors have gone through vivid re-experiencing memories of their abuse or trauma that felt like it was happening all over again. 

Everyone carries unwanted memories from childhood … sometimes it's just being bullied, harassed, criticized by a parent or judged by others. These unwanted memories haunt us, they never seem to go away, and follow us forever. 

Now there is a method that can help a survivor to eliminate the emotional pain in a memory and nullify the effects it has on how your mind.

Rapid Reduction Technique

So I developed this procedure back in 2000. It is called the Rapid Reduction Technique or unknown as RRT. The Rapid Reduction Technique is a simple guided protocol - a model that will help you to safely revisit a traumatic memory or a flashback, take the emotional charge out, reduce the intensity of it, and allow your brain to actually to put it in your long term memory bank. With that, you will no longer have the triggers. You will no longer have the problems that you have been experiencing with these memories ever again. They are there if you want to access them, but they will not come up when you don't want them. They will not affect your life. It is possible! It is possible to take command of your memories, and then restructure them, and in Rapid Reduction, I have this protocol that will allow you to go through step-by-step and be led to change your memories.

Exciting News

What's exciting is that in a major clinical study conducted at a university study, the effectiveness of Rapid Reduction Technique was studied on survivors with severe traumatic experiences of abuse and flashbacks. The study lasted for three years, and just at the end of last year, I got word that the study was completed and the findings were extremely positive. In fact, the student that studied RRT, a doctoral student, was invited to Berlin to present her results at The International Conference on Trauma. 

Boy was I excited about that! She got to go to Berlin and present her clinical findings to the participants at the International Conference on Trauma in Germany. How exciting! Finally, Rapid Reduction gets some notoriety. RRT is a good technique. It has helped thousands of people learn how to command their memories. It's effective … it’s common sense, and it helps people. It helps survivors to begin to make peace with their past and actually have a present. Check it out. Rapid Reduction is a breakthrough - a groundbreaking method that can help you get want out of life. 

If you want to learn more go to my website and click here to download free eBook 

          Coach Bill

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