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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rapid Reduction Technique Achieves Vaildation from University Study

Are you suffering from flashbacks or traumatic memories? This may help you to get past them.

I never thought this would happen but last week a doctoral student defended her dissertation on Rapid Reduction Technique RRT at Carlos Albizu University. She was successful at her defending her doctoral study. So we have a new Ph.D. in the world. Hurray!

In the doctoral student's 2 year clinical study on Rapid Reduction Technique - RRT, she proved that the RRT method for relieving flashbacks and traumatic memories is real as well as other Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms. She proved that RRT is effective and valid. 

So after 12 years of success with survivors with traumatic memory and flashbacks, RRT has been independently proven that RRT works. According to the study "RRT alleviates PTSD "re-experiencing symptoms and disconnects the associated triggers.” The study also showed that RRT alleviated the depression and anxiety associated with experiencing abusive, combat or traumatic life events.

This is a major breakthrough for working with traumatic memories and flashbacks. I have been waiting for years for an independent source to prove the benefits of Rapid Reduction Technique - RRT, so it would get the recognition it deserves. I never thought this day would come.

I could not wait, I knew RRT could do better so I updated it to RRT 2.0 and even though the original RRT takes 5 minutes. RRT 2.0 takes longer but it helps more on a deeper level with alleviating core beliefs also. Personally I have had deep faith in RRT through watching it help thousands over the past 17 years.

Video on Rapid Reduction Technique

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