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Monday, November 3, 2014

Words are an Indicator of Who You Are: 4 Positive Tips

Were you even aware of the words you speak have the power to shape your identity? Did you know that your words weave an image of how you view yourself as well as how others view you?

You are the Words You Speak

It is a fact that you are what you speak. Your words have extreme power in the formation of your identity. Words determine how you view ourselves, how you compare yourself to others and the world and how you react or do not react to any given situation.

If you speak positive words you will be perceived as positive. On the other hand, when the majority of your words are negative you will be seen as negative. It is your choice.

Personal Mindfulness

You need to be very mindful of the content of your words you speak for yourself. I have learned that “the words that come out of my mouth go directly into my ears and goes in completely unfiltered”. Your brain registers the words, and it says “if that is how you want to be viewed then it will be so”. Your brain will follow through making your words true and cloud the real truth. Understand that the human brain is a non-judgmental and non-emotional organ, and believes what you say about yourself, is your truth. So speaking words like stupid, ugly, no good, not good enough or worthless often, even though not the truth will become part of your “true” identity.

You need to take stock and ownership of the words you utter because it is those words that will come back to haunt you in the future. Even if you say you were just kidding or if you were attempting not to be conceited the words will come back to you. The words that you use to describe yourself could deform and dilute your identity for years to come. 

What you might not acknowledge that your brain does not feel at all. Your brain just makes what is input into it as real.

4 Tips

Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Monitor and be aware of what comes out of your mouth.

2. Take 2 intuitive breathes before you speak for yourself.

3. Speak only positive self-affirming words about yourself. 

4. Build a foundation for a database of positive words you use              about yourself. 

If you follow the tips they will help you be more mindful, intuitive, and help you create a new authentic identity through your words. Doing the latter will assist you to project a positive view yourself to others as well as empower yourself.
         Coach Bill                               

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