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Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Tips for Achieving Gratitude

Coaching questions bring out the most brilliant revelations from the clients I have the pleasure to work with. Many are not even aware when his or her brilliance until they surface. 


I was having a discussion with a strong and intelligent woman on the issue of “expectations” and she said “I am the only one who lives in my perceived reality and there are going to be certain things and/or times when what I think should or want to happen in my reality maybe not even feasible for the rest of the world.” 

I found this statement to be so profound. Perception is the gateway to your mind and your mind's tools for collecting life data. Perception filters everything from external life to internal life. 

4 Tips for Changing your perceptual filters

1. Change your mindset

    Make sure that your mindset is aligned and balanced for the change you are desiring and working for. A doubtful, negative,        or unrealistic mindset will not allow a positive mindset to flourish. 

2. Denounce your negative thoughts

    As you focus on setting a positive mindset you may pick on 
    negative thoughts which don't match your objectives. Mentally        remove them from your thought stream by denounce them and        promise not to give any attention to them if they surface for 
    any reason.

3. Be open to creating new core beliefs every day to replace 
    your negative thoughts

    In the empty spaces where you removed negative thoughts,              create new beliefs and place them in those empty spaces in 
    your thought stream. 

4. Live in the moment

    Stuck in your past attempting to fix what you did or get 
    answers to why things happened is anti-productive. 
    Projecting or fearing about the future is just as fruitless 
    as living in the past. One thing which is crystal clear is 
    the moment is all you truly have, so live it, be it' 


So what became abundantly clear is that I guess each one of us lives in a different reality. Become right with your reality or change your perceptual filters. 
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                                Coach Bill


  1. and I guess that is what makes us all uniquley different in special ways I suppose.

    1. Dear Dee,

      You are so right. Thanks for the comment.