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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life Change

You cannot change your present life by re-inventing your history, rather your life changes by creating a future. You cannot be successful if you are always analyzing the memory of your past. I have said for years about one’s personal history, “It happened. It is not happening now”. Stop cancelling out your present by living in the past. Let go of regrets and bottled up anger about events that have happened. Allow closure to occur in your life.

Now is the time to take a positive step forward by changing your mindset. Envision your future in your mind. If you can see mentally where you are going then it is possible to get there. So take your focus off of past disappointing and painful life events you cannot change, regain your personal authority, learn new skills, make an action plan and move forward in your life. Your power is embedded within you. Practice mindfulness.

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  1. wow I think the most important part is the action plan I am still not sure I understand it yet but with the action plan is moving forward so you can move forward.. questions about personal authority?? I am not sure what that is?? thanks for sharing