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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Time to Move Forward: Life Coaching Approach

Enough is enough. Sometimes we hold on to our stories (tales of sorrow) because of anxiety, comfort, depression, fear, hate, injustice, no closure or revenge. We are to comfortable in performing to other people expectations, disbeliefs, fears, wants or wishes and that keeps us from focusing on ourselves.
I will share the definition of a story from a coaching point of view. A story is an experience from our past that we carry forward with an unclosed emotion that holds us back. Meaning it does not serve us. A story is a past life event, shared as fact, full of negative emotion we have not overcome or made closure with. We use stories to tell others how much pain we are in and use them as excuses not to move forward in our life
So where do I go from here? Coaching is a way to go. A life coach can help you reduce the effects of your stories by teaching you a life skill that will help you close the negative emotions you have carried. How? Well to let go of a story full of negative emotion: face it, recognize the feeling that you ignored, learn and do a RRT on your story, then move forward with a new mindset toward life.

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  1. I think carring our stories is so hard to give up. I do believe at one time I was a professial patient telling my story to groups, therapist or anyone who would give me the oh poor thing.. or I have heard this in group my story is much worst than yours and therapy groups can be trying to beat out everyone in the group yes I am guilty.I was one hello my name is I have been abused and my children died how are you? Gee no way I had no friends! I have given up on the stories and I do use affirmation which has gotten me to where I am but I have gained weight and off and on still smoke so I know they is room for some change.. my weight is the biggest point to holding on too.. like sucess.. Thanks for writing this it has gotten me to think about my behavior