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Friday, May 28, 2010

My Time at WiiT is Over

I would like to take a sincere moment to inform all my friends, colleagues, Facebook fans and faithful followers that as of today I am no longer at The Women’s Institute for Incorporation Therapy, lovingly known as WiiT, nor am I affiliated with Hollywood Pavilion.
I founded my dream and passion, WiiT, in 1995 to help survivors suffering from the experiences of abuse and trauma. I dedicated my heart, self, and soul to fight for that dream. WiiT has helped thousands of women to reach heights they never thought possible and to heal. I was lucky to see it take form and reach women all over the country and the world. To all of you I have worked with over the years at WiiT, I say I am proud of you. I will not be there anymore, but my theories and principles remain alive.
So as the sun sets in the west, I says good bye to WiiT but not to my dream. I will continue to grow, write, teach and help survivors through my Life Coaching Practice. I will continue to keep in contact through my website, my blog , my newsletters, and my Facebook posts. Thank you for all your support and loyalty throughout all the years.


  1. Dr. Bill,

    I feel quite fortunate to have met you while being a patient at WiiT in 2005~ What you showed me during counseling was the greatest wake-up call for me. I have applied the tools that you taught,in helping me to restart my life. I am grateful for this website, as I start each morning right is a necessary step for me in starting my day on the right track. I realize as a survivor I must stay on top of my game to continue surviving and working to live my life to the fullest. I will continue to support you and I will always be loyal to the values you have given me...Much success to you always Dr. Bill~


  2. Dr. Bill,
    I am thankful that i was able to meet you while i was at Wiit in 2005 and recently in 2008. i am glad you were there my second time around because you taught me not to be ashamed and that i was not a failure. i learned so much from you. i have continued to be vigilant in my recovery process and thus prevent relapse. Wiit saved my life. i feel whole, happy and healthy for the first time. it makes me sad to hear you left, but i wish you success in all you do and hope you always follow your calling of working with women like me. you made a difference and for that i will never forget you. thank you.