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Saturday, August 29, 2009

PTSD: Joy Keyes Radio Shows

Just finished talking on a Joy Keys, radio show on blog talk radio with 3 other experts in PTSD.
I was honored to be included with such well known experts from all over the country like Dr. Andrae Brown, Ph.D., Dr David Oslin,and Dr Robbi Saletsky, Ph.D.
Here is the link -
The program which is a featured program on the blog talk radio home page today. This presentation will also be available in the Joy Keys Radio Show Archives.

If interested, here is a link to another radio show - Michele Hughes Show - where I was the featured speaker.
I discussed my book, Separated from the Light, and other issues such as abuse, domestic violence, trauma, relationship, PTSD, and healing from psychological trauma.

I hope that you enjoy and learn from these two radio shows.


  1. Dr...Great show Dr Bill....keep WIIT going...miss you...Suzanne Fasano

  2. No one needs to keep Dr. Bill in line he can do that for himself. Dr. Bill is strong in his recovery techniques and is a great man, it is good to know he is now in charge of the program that he invented it will continue to be strong as ever if not better with his understanding of survivors with major issues like myself. Way to go Dr. Bill!

  3. I just finished listening to the Michele Hughes show- It was great! I really enjoyed it and look forward to listening to it again on my ipod. There's nothing more motivating for a jog than some kick ass explanations of abuser values.

    Seriously though, I learned a lot and hope it helped a bunch of people out there.

    And I loved the guy who texted in about mentally ill people being pawns of the devil or whatever... hilarious.