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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Depression: Deep Statement of Anger

Everyone is affected by depression at one time or another in their life. Dealing emotionally with depression is hard and creates problems in one's life and relationships. The quote "Depression is anger turned inward" has been pasted around for years as a way of understanding the process of this deep emotional experience. I always felt that there was an ending to this quote but never could figure it out. Finally the end of the quote came to mind. "Depression is anger turned inward towards one's inability to perform" according to a self, family or society standards. This now the statement has closure. For example, when our country or any other country, performs poorly economically it goes into a "period of depression" by national and global economic standards. Humans respond in the same manner. If we lose a job, a relationship or a sports contest we experience feelings of depression. So next time you have depressed feeling as the result of a life event, look at what you are judging your performance against and at what or who's standard. Recognize those feelings, what you have learned from the experience and make an action plan to improve your situation and life.

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