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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Positive Movement without Confidence

The problem that is affecting all of us today is a lack of confidence.

Last November our nation overwhelmingly voted for change, a difference, a move out of the darkness of business as usual and all we have gotten is more of the same old establishment. The place that we are now in is the same as the last eight years, someone else is setting our mindset once more. Our new leader is now saying "it is so bad but in fact, it will get worst". Remember that our present leaders are the same ones that convinced us that "everything is good" (last eight years) and now they are resetting our mindset to "the sky is falling".

When someone tells us over and over that things are bad, then everyone thinks it is bad and begins to produce negative beliefs, thoughts, and energy. Maybe it is possible the trouble with our lives is our lack of confidence due to our "mindset" that is being reset by others and makes us question ourselves.

We need to rise up in a quiet revolution and create a new path of mental discipline. Collectively think confidently on a daily basis, join together in effecting a new silent change and movement will happen.
          Coach Bill

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