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Monday, October 31, 2016

Powers of Thought: 6 Tips for Producing Positive Beliefs

Sometimes it seems as though your thoughts have all the power. It feels as though your thoughts rule your behaviors, emotions, and reactions. Your thoughts seem to direct your life more than you do.

If only you had the power and ability to change your thoughts by just shifting the way you think.

So do your thoughts have that much power? Or are they influenced and governed by a deeper part of the mind? 

There has been a huge misconception going on for decades which says if you think positive thoughts you can overcome negative thinking and move into positiveness. For years people have been focusing on and practicing faithfully positive affirmations in order to change negative thought patterns and shift a positive state of mind from just by saying them. Well, affirmations have not worked at all. Universally people are getting really tired of it. People have become very tired of this philosophy that just positive thinking can project them into happiness, fulfillment, and success. 

To think that you can just think positive thoughts and your mind will alter those negative thought patterns and help you navigate through life's barriers is very misleading. Thoughts do not have that power unless you give it to them.

Realistically, significantly less than 10% of your ability to succeed, lose weight, overcome bad situations, make positive changes, stop negative thoughts, recover from addictions, form deeper relationships, achieve love, or find fulfillment, has to do with how you think. 

Power of Core Beliefs

Actually, more than 90% has to do directly with your core beliefs you formed as you grew up and are now stored in your subconscious mind. You are unaware of that fact. Believe it or not, you have been accumulating, accepting and storing beliefs in your subconscious mind over your lifetime. Really it is these stored core beliefs which directly influence and govern how you form your thoughts and how you think.

In order to make a substantial change to how you think you have to understand how your mind works. 

Over 90 percent of all your thoughts are formed and govern by your core beliefs. These beliefs, unknown to you, embedded themselves in your subconscious mind. 

A majority of your thoughts today are directed by your core beliefs formed in your past experiences. The content of your thoughts, the degree of happiness, fulfillment, and success equal to how you believe in yourself. 

Your Thoughts are the Direct Result of Mind Algorithms

Let’s look at how thoughts get generated.

Your beliefs actually are formed from what is termed mind code. Your mind code is what really determines who you are, how you behave, your emotions are expressed, how you sense and how you react. Very importantly mind code is where your identity originates. 

Mind code is data your brain gathers every day of your life from situations you go through. Think of mind code as a mind algorithm. An algorithm is a step by step instructions about how your mind will operate. The mind code data is then converted into your belief system or what is termed personal philosophy. 

A mind algorithm is very similar to a computer algorithm. In a computer, it is the algorithms that tell the computer and program how to function. If the computer algorithms get changed like through a virus then the computer reacts differently or doesn’t work at all. The same is true with mind algorithms. If the mind accepts negative data from experiences, it then produces negative beliefs and in turn, generates negative thoughts

An example of the above is if you experience a hurtful situation that causes you to form a negative core belief that you are let’s say “not good enough”, you will think you are not good enough and not know why you are negative toward yourself. 

Then your core beliefs feed content to your inner voice. It is the content of your inner voice that greatly influences and governs the formation, flavor, and direction of your thoughts.

So the powers your think your thoughts have doesn’t start at the thinking level. That is why positive affirmations do not work. The power is in your mind code and core beliefs which are completely unknown to your consciousness until they are triggered and surface into your inner voice. 

It is your mind code that ultimately decides how you will act, feel, interact and think about yourself, others and how you will react in life situations.

If you really want to change how your thoughts you need to change your core beliefs. Creating new core beliefs will change your old mind algorithms.

Below are six tips on how to shift your negative core beliefs to positive core beliefs.

6 Tips Accessing Your Powers of Thought by Changing 
Your Core Beliefs

Let's get started regaining your power.

1. Believing that you have the power to create positive habits. The truth is, it’s just as easy to create positive habits as it is to create negative ones. It’s just a matter of how you spend your time.  You can spend your time believing things you are not or create new beliefs that bring you closer to what you want to believe in. Or you can submit to old beliefs that do not serve you that have proven unsuccessful.  

Thinking negatively can become an addiction. People complain, “It’s too hard to keep my energy up thinking in what is good for me!” Really it’s not hard – it’s just that people get into the habit of thinking negatively. Over time it is easier to think negative than positive.

If this sounds like you, break the habit.  Realize that you are where you are because of the way you believed and thought in the past. Yet your future depends on how you believe and think today. You can choose to stay in negative thinking, or you create a totally new set of beliefs that will produce totally different thinking.  You can choose to watch another sitcom, or you can choose to read another chapter in a great book. 

Honestly, you can choose to act on opportunity, or you can choose to focus on barriers and triumph over them. There’s nothing hard or complicated about it, other than the way you’re thinking based on old negative core beliefs and thinking that no longer serve you or the direction in your life.

2. Ruminating on everything, over and over again. Lack of confidence and discipline, mixed with over expecting rapid success and negative beliefs, fuels a habit of negative thoughts. Many studies suggest that ruminating is a mental handicap: rather than risk failure. Studies state that preferring to respond to and indulge in beliefs formed long ago create barriers to success and make it next to impossible get rid of negative beliefs and thoughts. Continuing to focus repeatedly forms a vicious cycle of distortion. 

The best thing you can do for yourself is to break this cycle – stop saying “I can’t,” start saying “I can,” and then put the “can” into action. Stop fearing something will probably won’t happen in your life. 

Thinking isn’t enough; you must apply! Building a strong belief system is which will determine the content of your thinking. Just thinking about success will not change your life; you must DO! If you can’t change all beliefs at once change a few at a time. Changing a few beliefs will add up. A positive belief system built over time, in small increments, tends to create a change in your thinking that lasts for a long time. 

3. Comparing yourself to others, and then harboring bitterness or resentment. Negative thinking people believe someone else’s good fortune takes away from their own. They believe they are not good enough to deserve fulfillment or success. This leads to bitterness and resentment. Don’t let bitterness, hurt or jealousy get the best of you. Bitterness is the art of counting someone else’s blessings instead of your own – there’s nothing attractive or beneficial about believing this way. So stop comparing your journey with everyone else’s. 

Your life is your life. Daily living isn’t a competition. Just believe you are the best you can be. If you want to measure your improvement, compare yourself to who you were yesterday. Become more mindful.

4. Self-doubt fuels negativity and withdrawal. A mind is an awesome tool if used right, but it can be a negativity conduit that fills your thoughts with doubt if you allow it. Any uncomfortable thinking should be denounced and rejected. Don’t accept negative beliefs or thoughts. Don’t allow your mind get the best of you. 

Believe in yourself through tough times. Believe in your capacity to flourish. Believe making new connections are worth the effort. Believe strongly that you make mistakes on your way to greatness. Believe you can be thoughtless and intelligent, selfish and gracious, stressed and excited all at the same time. Believe there are many roads to what’s right. Most of all believe in your intuitiveness, especially when you have to choose between two good paths. Believe the answers are within you and do not originate from outside you. Believe life will surprise you over and over again. Believe your experiences along the way are part of your journey. 

Those who don’t have resilient and positive beliefs think they will be full of self-doubt and won’t find their inner strength.

5. Don’t put yourself down. There are enough people out there to put you down due to their own negative beliefs. Begin by forming compassion toward yourself. Compassion simply is a keen emotional understanding of the situations you have experienced and how you have gotten you to where you have gotten to. 

Believe that you can overcome anything with the right action and your thinking will fall in line.

6. Recognize your beliefs. To effect change you have to recognize your core beliefs in order to correct them. Your core beliefs are the windows of your mind code. Meaning if you make the effort to recognize the bad beliefs you carry and change them then your life will change for the better. 

So write down a list of all your core beliefs and self-messages you have about yourself. Study the list and determine whether each one is true or false, real or delusional, yours or someone else’s. Finally, determine what kind of emotion each belief produces when you become aware of them. For every belief that is false, delusional, accepted from someone else and produces a negative emotion, then write a new positive belief to counteract it. Mindfully accept each new belief into your belief system and attach a strong positive emotion to each. Read your new list daily. Especially, first thing in the morning and the just before you fall asleep is when your mind is most pliable to accept new beliefs. Then with practice, watch your thoughts change.


You can't think yourself to greatness but with a solid positive core belief system, you can accomplish anything you want. 

Follow tip #6 above and create a new skill set. This new skill set will produce a change in your thinking and manifest into a positive change in your behaviors and emotions. The end positively completing tip #6 will result in a new you!
                        Coach Bill
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