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Sunday, April 12, 2015

4 Tips for Stopping Negative Beliefs

Answer these few essential questions.

Do you honestly know what is going on in your mind? 

Do you think that you have complete control yourself and your life? 

Ever thought you were the one who controls what you do, feel or think? 

Don't dilute yourself, the real answer is you don't. Your reaction to what you do, feel or think the moment is actually based on your mind code that was formed since you were born. How you respond to events, people and yourself “ at the moment” is based on the code that developed in your subconscious mind growing up. This code is continuously running in the background without your knowledge.

How do we know?

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past several decades, you would know that professionals have been learning more and more about how the mind works. Daily events and stimuli filter through your perception and trigger portion of your code. Then, a related code is transmitted to your conscious mind which influences all your human reactions.

Client Story

 "My entire life I have been consumed with worry, fear, and anxiety. At different periods of my life, I felt disappointed in myself even though I was successful. I would feel so unhappy with my performance. My total focus was on how I was not performing up to either my expectations or expectations of other people in my life. In my mind, I would hear messages about me due to the constant criticism from my father growing up. Negative thoughts would get stuck in my mind and loop over and over again. The thoughts would center on how I did not measure up to my father’s expectations of me. I found myself constantly judging myself on the same issue that my father criticized me for: ‘You will never measure up. You will never be good enough. All that money for your education. So why isn't your career doing better? You are wasting your life.' These ruminating thoughts caused me to doubt myself, be afraid, limit my abilities, cause me to second guess, and judge myself. All my thoughts were focused on business and relationships. I was always worrying about what didn't happen and what might happen in the future. I lost the good things occurring at the moment. I was missing my life today because I was worried about my tomorrow. What might go wrong next week, next month or even next year? It seemed to me like everything, including myself, was not good enough.  I felt out of control and thoroughly disillusioned with myself and my life. I didn't know why."

The self-defeating beliefs he mentioned in this story are what I term "core beliefs." Core beliefs are the direct result of your mind code. These negative beliefs are prevalent for everyone. 

In the above story, the male client's beliefs formed from his experiences with his father growing up yet still affect him in his adulthood. Core beliefs are the window to one's mind code.

Is there such a thing as Mind Code?

Yes, mind coding is a fact. Mind code is very similar to a computer’s source code. It is what runs the human brain. Maybe Freud was wrong, and you do not control your thoughts freely. Perhaps your mind operates based on a set of codes which are formed and embed in your mind over time.

The Realization

As I have stated, there is a code running in the background that governs, rules, regulations, has standards, structure, and laws that influence a person’s actions, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, or reactions.

Since I developed my new method and wrote my second book Personal Philosophy five years ago, I have had a lot of success working with clients and helping them to recognize his or her negative core beliefs that govern who they are and how he or she will react. This method has helped them to identify negative core beliefs about themselves, learn new skills and to shift these negative core beliefs into a more positive framework. This type of coaching helps them to make a positive change in their mind and life, and it has helped them to make a significant difference. I knew, however, that I had not discovered it all. I researched this idea in many different types of schools of thought but still did not find the answer I was seeking. Through a remarkable bit of serendipity, I found a real-life example that explained what was happening and opened my eyes to what I had been seeing with myself and my clients - the Mind Code. Let me share my experience to help you understand.

I happened to visit a Web Developer that was working on a new design for my websites. When I walked into his office, there were two large monitors right in front of me which he was working on. The monitor to my left was displaying the source code which I had never seen become and didn’t understand. Your source code is the rules, regulations, standards, structure, and laws that govern how the website look and function. On the other monitor to my right displayed the actual website as it would be seen on the internet. This was my first time I had ever been this close to the real design process. 

I found out that source code, which was just symbols, numbers and letters, told the computer what to display on the other monitor down to the smallest detail, color, size, shape and more. The web designer who was with me told the web developer, "that is not the color I envisioned for the site." The web developer stated, "I copied it as close as I could." The designer replied, "I sent you the color code of what I wanted in an email." The web developer checked his emails and found the color code which was merely a "#" symbol followed by two letters and two numbers. The web developer copied and pasted the color code into the correct slot in the source code, hit refresh and instantly the other monitor flashed and immediately the exact color appeared. WOW!

Is it possible we all have code in our mind that regulates all our actions, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and reactions?

I have wondered the question above my whole professional career. I searched and searched and finally found what I was looking for not from great minds from psychology but from a webmaster. I was sitting with a webmaster one day to build a new website for my practice. It was a brand unique experience for me. In front of the webmaster was two monitors. The monitor on the left was full of what is called "source code" (written computer code that tells programs or website how to operate). On the other monitor on the right was the website being made for my business. The color was not correct, so I watched as he found the right code for the color necessary for the site. The webmaster searched through page after page of source code until he got to the right place where the color code was located. He took out the wrong source code, which was a # sign, 2 letters, and 2 numbers, and placed the correct color code in the same place. Immediately, in a blink of an eye, the right monitor flashed, and the color of the whole website changed. I watched as more subtle and significant changes were made. I realized that when the code was altered then instantly what was seen on the right monitor or what the outside world sees changed right away. I also learned that what the right monitor could do and not do was governed entirely by the source code written. 

My answer was right in front of me. I realized that the subconscious mind, or emotional mind as it is sometimes called, was the monitor on the left containing all the code that a human accumulates in the subconscious with each life experience. The conscious mind, or rational mind, was the display monitor on the right showing the real-world results of the “human source code” which would be thoughts, feelings, and actions. So you see, in a computer, it is the source code which runs all the time governs everything. Also, the source code is entirely invisible. The source code dictates and administers all the parameters, standards, procedures and rules for the computer and all the programs that run on it. 

I believe that the brain responds in the same way. Your mind has hidden code in the subconscious that is continuously running. This type of brain code entirely influences all your actions, beliefs, emotions, thoughts and reactions. This code is termed "mind code" which is located in your subconscious mind (totally invisible in the background and blocked from consciousness). Mind code determines, dictates, directs, governs and influences how you function down to the littlest details in our daily interactions and activities (foreground).

How do humans get their Mind Code?

Your mind code is written continually by your brain as a side component of your memory function throughout your life without any personal awareness. Your beliefs, values, expectations, ethics, morals, rules, standards develop from your mind code ... all of these mentioned determines the content for your thoughts and what type of feelings you will manifest in your reactions to yourself, others, world and daily events, moment to moment.

How is the Mind Code revealed?

"Mind Code is revealed through your core beliefs."

As I help a client to reveal their core beliefs through specially crafted assignments, I get a glimpse of his or her mind code. I see mind code which created the associated core belief. The core belief becomes a barrier that prevents my client from getting what he or she wants out of life. This type of code I term as harmful brain code. Even if the display (thinking, feeling or behavior) or rational mind displays that he or she is doing well, inside he or she feels disappointed by his or her performance. An example can be seen in athletes, business people, and celebrities. Even though they are successful on the outside, their lives reflect drug addiction, anger, failed relationships, bad marriages, negative feelings, inappropriate behavior and yes sometimes even suicidal thoughts. If you do not believe you are a success, though other people do see you as a success, it is possible inside yourself, you feel as though you are a failure or not good enough.

I also see good mind code. Good code can motivate a person toward happiness, compassion, fulfillment, satisfaction or success. Example of good mind code is "I can accomplish anything," I am whatever I want," "If I work hard I will always succeed," "I am good enough" and "I am a good person." 

Unfortunately, the harmful or lousy code seems to be more prevalent than good mind code. The horrible mind code creates negative core beliefs.

There are six most common core beliefs. I would like to share those with you.

I am not good enough.

I do not deserve ______.  (Ex: to be successful, loved, or to love....)

I am not worthy of _______.  (Ex: success, money, or education....)

I am wrong no matter what I say or do.

I don't measure up.    

I am a failure.

Think about this list. Reflect on the influence these messages could have on your feelings, thoughts, actions, and reactions. Now ask yourself, “How could anyone achieve what is desired” with these types of core beliefs. If you hear these core beliefs continually echoing in your mind, you can’t. It is the harmful mind code that stops all progress in life, happiness, and success. You become stuck! Self-sabotage becomes commonplace. Your mind can only do what is written in is code.

"Change your core beliefs, and you change your mind code. Change your mind code, and you change your world … inside and out!"

So there you have it! You are the direct result of your mind code even though you are entirely unaware of it. So is there hope? Yes, there is. You can change your negative mind code from self-limiting or self-defeating programming to positively motivating just by shifting a contrary core belief to a positive core belief, therefore, altering your mind signature. 

How is that even possible? By learning a skill to assist you to recognize your negative limiting core beliefs (the result of negative code), creating new positive core belief, and then removing the old negative core belief and replacing it with a new core belief using a method termed "Blackboard Method."

Blackboard Method: How to Re-script Your Mind

Here is a tip. If you do not like your negative beliefs that determine and govern who you are, do, feel, and think. 

If you do not like how your mind responds, reacts or thinks then just re-script your mind. You do this by changing your subconscious core beliefs. 

You may ask is it possible to re-script your mind? The answer is yes. There is a way. 
Re-scripting your core beliefs will result in re-scripting your mind codeOnce complete your mind will run smoother and your life will change. 

4 Tips to Help you Stop Negative Beliefs

1. Once you discover that the key is knowing what your core beliefs are first. The window can be revealed by opening the shades which obscure your vision to your core beliefs and look at what your actual beliefs you have formed about yourself over time. 

2. Write all your core beliefs down. Remember everyone has tons of core beliefs. Your brain formed a core belief and a piece of code every time you experience a life situation. 

3. Once you know your core beliefs, cross out the ones which block you and create new ones to replace them.

4. Repeat your new core beliefs to yourself every morning upon rising. That will help you remember and embed them into your mind.

Take Away
When you discover your actual true beliefs, good or bad, it is a simple process to re-configure old beliefs by creating new core beliefs and then install them. Installing them can be done in a matter of minutes with blackboard method. Once installed your mind will operate off of the new core beliefs rather than the old negative ones. You can then enjoy a loving, nurturing and supporting relationship with yourself.

If you have any questions or would like to experience the blackboard method or learn more about mind code, and core beliefs, leave me a response below in the comment section, visit my website or download my eBook.
          Coach Bill

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