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Monday, September 27, 2010

Trauma Thrill: The Relapse Connection

I discovered a relapse connection in many of my trauma life coaching clients and re-experiencing to many is a “trauma thrill”. A trauma thrill is the act of reconnecting to an old trauma, memory, relationship or lifestyle through a new traumatic experience. The result re-connecting to old behaviors and negative mindsets seem to re-attach themselves to the survivors even after years of successful growth and recovery.

To read more about this trauma thrill connection, click here.

Discovering this connection helped me to coach my clients even better and be more mindful of issues that keep survivors stuck in old destructive life styles.

          Coach Bill

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mistakes Make a Stronger & Healthier You

Part of authentic life is in everything we do in our personal life or jobs, we sometimes will make "mistakes". 

No one is perfect. By chance, if you feel you are perfect then you are living in an illusionary world. Because if you are perfect then do not need to get out of bed because you have done, felt, and thought everything in life. I believe that " If you do not make a mistake you cannot learn and move forward." 

So here is a quote on the subject of mistakes.....
"Don't let the past mistakes or overwhelming life events define you or determine your future. We all make mistakes, but we cannot allow them to define who we are."

         Coach Bill