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Saturday, March 14, 2015

6 Tips for Re-scripting Your Mind

In those quiet times when you are with yourself, do you ever wonder what makes you say some of the things you say, think the strange thoughts you do, behave in a way that’s inconsistent with who you are? Or make you respond inappropriately to the situations, or why you are just uncomfortable in your own skin? 
Do you wish you could just edit your mind and make it produce thoughts which you like?

Do you also question if it is your identity that sabotages your careers, relationships, or happiness as well as future successes? If your answer is yes or sometimes, there is a strong possibility that these issues are caused by your mind script.

Are you in the search for what drives your authentic identity? Could it be your thoughts? Even though you think your thoughts are created by you and you are in control of them, you really are not in charge of your thoughts at all. Sometimes your thoughts seem to be entirely out of control, and you feel like you are just tagging along for the ride. The truth is ... it is not your thoughts which drive your identity.

You are so connected to your thoughts that you often think your thoughts are the core of your identity. But while your thoughts are undeniably connected to you, your real relationship with your thoughts is much more complicated than that.

Tracing the roots of your thoughts to their deepest layers of your mind can be beneficial and can help you understand why you think the way you do.  The origins of your thoughts could help you to deal with anxieties, phobias, and neuroses.

Yet focusing too much on your thoughts, where they come from and your need to control them (especially the disturbing ones), can throw you off in your search for the root of your identity. In fact, the more you focus on your thoughts for the answer, the more you do not find the solution. Over-focusing on them does not give thoughts more legitimacy, influence, and solidity. Believe it or not, your thoughts do not overrule your emotions and actions.

What drives your identity?

Do you feel like everything that you say and do is predetermined? You are normal if you think so. Your thoughts are not the driver of your identity but only the passenger. Your thoughts are just a part of the big picture ...  they are more like the tip of the iceberg. Thoughts are merely the by-product of the script that is written deep within your mind. The truth is your conscious mind can only believe, do, feel, react, or think as a result of what is written in your mind script. Nothing more and nothing less.  Meaning you or your identity is only a manifestation of your mind script.

What is mind script?

Mind script, also termed mind code, starts being written at the time your brain activates before you are born. Once activated, your brain records your history. This recording ability is called memory. Memory or the recording of your past is one small aspect of your total brain function. Unknown to you, in another compartment of your brain, mind script is being written.

Mind script is the result of ongoing imprinting and embedding of life data which is gathered from every experience you have. This data is a systematic collection of all your beliefs formed about yourself, others and the world. Mind script also records all your biases, doubts, expectations, fears, instructions, likes, dislikes, messages, procedures, promises, regulations, and rules. The embedded data develops into a script, a written code that continually runs silently in the background, deep within your subconscious mind. Once the mind script or code is written, it governs, determines and influences who you are … meaning it is the script which controls and defines your identity.

How does mind script express itself in your life?

Your mind script expresses itself eventually through your beliefs, and it is your beliefs which influence your thoughts directly. Then indirectly your behaviors, emotions, and reactions respond directly to your thoughts.

How does that happen?

Let’s take it one step at a time. It is your mind script or mind code that becomes the database or foundation for the development of your identity. Your mind code directly influences how your core beliefs will be formed. 

Once the data is accepted by the subconscious mind as mind code that data is converted into core beliefs. The core beliefs are sent as content (negative or positive, good or evil, right or wrong, doubts or positive information, etc.) to your inner voice in your head. The flavor of the content of your core beliefs governs whether you have an inner voice that is critical or supportive. 

It is the content of your inner voice that forms the type of thoughts you think. 

It is the essence of your thoughts which then forms your perceptions, expectations, fears, anxieties, stress, and worries. Finally, the collected data is manifested in your out world as emotions and behaviors. It is your emotions and actions which others only see.

Those mentioned above, going all the way back to your mind script or mind code, determines and governs whether your emotions and actions are motivating and positive or self-limiting and self-defeating.   

5 Tips on Changing Your Core Beliefs & Make Your Thinking Positive

Since it is your core beliefs that influence and govern the formation of thoughts to change your thinking you have to change your core beliefs. To improve, try out follow the 5 tips below.

1. Recognize which of your beliefs about yourself are not                     beneficial and which are.

2. Write down the core beliefs that you want to change 

3. Re-script the content by writing new core beliefs 

4. Denounce and discard the core beliefs that are negative and 
    don't serve you.

5. Say each one out loud with emotion 

6. Repeat saying your new list every day for 7 days and your               mind will accept them. 

In changing your core beliefs, your brain automatically rewrites the script in your subconscious mind. Once your mind script is altered, your thinking will reconfigure immediately and finally down the road your identity will change.


It is your mind script, or mind code defines your identity. Then what you do, outwardly display, feel, say, think, and react to, is always manifested in your behavior, and feelings toward others as well as a by-product of positive thinking.

So when dark thoughts arise, recognize them, grab them by the tail, and follow the thoughts back from your inner voice and then to the core belief where they originated. You have the power to change your core beliefs. New core beliefs will alter your mind code for the positive.

Don't let your script be the master of your identity. Be the architect of your mind script, and you will then be the master of your personality. Understand your character is not rigid or unchangeable. In fact, it is flexible. Take back your ability to change.

If you need more help in rewriting your mind script to remove harmful, self-limiting and self-sabotaging thinking, take a risk and reach out. Don’t let your mind script destroy your ability to get what you want out of life. 

         Coach Bill
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  1. This is so on point,
    we fail to the level that our minds are running on wrong scripts, and we rise to the level that we are able to re-script our minds to function optimally on a new, more empowering belief system...

    1. Dear Steve,

      I really appreciate your comment and that you found value in this blog. I believe it is on point also. I truly have come to know that the mind "can only" do what is written on it. Nothing less and nothing more. Also negative script begets negative thinking, emotions and behaviors.

      There is a way to re-script to positive and empower your thoughts, emotions and actions.......