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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 Tips for Achieving Gratitude

In our fast pace world many of us do not stop and take stock in what they are grateful for in their lives. Gratefulness has become a “hidden factor” in modern society. Focus is generally on what we do not have rather than what we are blessed with. 

Gratitude appears to be a strong determinant of people's well-being.

Numerous studies suggest that grateful people are more likely to have higher levels of happiness and lower levels of stress and depression. Participants who engaged in gratitude studies showed increases in their experiences of positive emotion immediately after the exercise. An interesting fact about gratitude is it is not an act but a specific way to feel. As I have always said “feeling is healing”.

The definition of gratitude is having thankfulness for what you have in the moment. Another definition for gratitude that I like is appreciation. Appreciation is the recognition of the quality, value, significance, or goodness of people, opportunities and things in your life.

Here is a quote which speaks to the depth of this subject;

“Gratitude is the memory of the heart” ~Jean Baptiste Massieu

So what will I gain from searching my heart for what I am grateful for?

5 Tips on Being in Gratitude

To enhance your health, spirit and life balance, start today by getting in touch with your gratitude.

1. Gets you out of your logical / rational mind and into your                 emotional mind. Feeling gratitude has to come out of inner               feeling.

2. It turns what we have into enough and it reflects good 
    personal and moral value.

3. Shift your attitude from denial into acceptance, chaos to 
    order, confusion to clarity. It helps to life as a gift.

4. Appreciation for goodness in life and paves the path for 
    purity and spirituality.

5. Improves emotional well-being and physical health, and 
    it can strengthen relationships. The act of gratitude energizes, inspires and transforms.

Assess your gratitude and begin a healthier life today.


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

4 Tips on Changing Reality

Coaching questions bring out the most brilliant revelations from the clients I have the pleasure to work with. Many are not even aware when his or her brilliance pops out. 


I was having a discussion with a strong and intelligent woman on the issue of “expectations” and she said “I am the only one who lives in my perceived reality and there are going to be certain things and/or times when what I think should or want to happen in my reality maybe not even feasible for the rest of the world.” 

I found this statement to be so profound. Perception is the gateway of our mind and your minds tool for collecting life data. Perception filters everything from external life to internal life. 

4 Tips on Changing your perceptual filters

1. Change your mindset

2. Denounce your negative thoughts

3. Be open to create a new beliefs everyday to replace your                  negative thoughts

4 Live in the moment


So what became abundantly clear is that I guess each one of us live in a different reality. Become right with your reality or change your perceptual filters. 
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                                Coach Bill

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Power of Positive Beliefs

How you live, survive or thrive is totally based on the content of our core beliefs. 

Core beliefs are result of life data gathered and stored by subconscious mind. This data is termed "mind code" that your subconscious mind collects along your journey through life. 

How does core beliefs form?

Core beliefs are formed from stored code or mind code. Core beliefs are self-messages you form about yourself from each life situation you go through. Once the are formed and stored in your subconscious mind they govern what you do, how you feel, and what you think. 

Core beliefs strongly embedded themselves silently in your subconscious without your conscious awareness. Beliefs actively remain undetected in the dark shadows of your subconscious mind. When triggered by a life situation a belief will pop up into your conscious mind and influence what you do, how you fell and how you react. 

If your life situations which are negative or bad create negative core beliefs. Negative beliefs can be a barrier to your fulfillment, satisfaction or happiness. Negative beliefs also determine how you function in your relationships and career. 

As long as these core beliefs remain invisible, you will continue to repeat old destructive patterns of thought, mood and behavior that hold will hold you down and block your future success.

Take Away

Your core beliefs do not have remain invisible to you. You can change them to positive.  Click here to view a way to uncover your core beliefs
          Coach Bill
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