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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Powers of Thought: 6 Tips for Becoming More Confident

You do not have to be accepted by everyone. It is impossible to have everyone like you especially when you have difficulty liking or believing in yourself. Confidence is an acquired skill that you master, not something you are born with or not.

Here are 6 Tips to Help You Become More Confident in Yourself

1. Start with Believing in Yourself

Confidence is not acquired through the outside. You can’t have any sense of confidence if you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities. Believing in yourself is the most significant first step to achieving confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself entirely, then you will not support yourself in work needed to be done to increase your confidence.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

Easier said than it is to do it. Appreciate who yourself and not by someone else opinion, thank goodness. You cannot be someone else so why don’t you just focus on working to be the best version of yourself. 

Reset your mindset. You only have to be good enough for you.  Acquire a positive attitude by having positive beliefs and positive thinking about yourself. 

3. Stop Feeding Negative Thoughts

To gain the confidence you have to have positive core beliefs about you. Positive beliefs are majorly important. Understand that it is your beliefs are what determines the content of your inner self-talk and thinking. Know that the more effort you put into eliminating yourself from negative thinking, the more intense negative thinking becomes. Meaning the more you expect or think something wrong with yourself, the more chance it will be your truth. So if you think you are “not good enough,” “you don’t deserve anything” “you are not pretty” or “no one likes you” the higher the chance that it is how you will manifest yourself to the world through your emotions and behaviors.

Change that by changing negative beliefs, negative words you use. Your mindset, self-talk, and thinking are governed directly by your core beliefs.

4. Accept Mistakes

In life, you will make mistakes. Mistakes happen all the time naturally. Without making mistakes, you would not learn anything. To strive for or desire to be perfect is an impossibility. So stop trying. 

Accept a new mindset that things will go wrong from time to time. It is the lesson you learn from those situations that build a stronger sense of self and will result in a higher degree of confidence. The more you practice and practice believing in yourself the more fulfilled you become.

5. Don’t Allow Anyone or Anything to Define You

You are unique. There is not another one like you. You are the master of your identity and actions by how you believe in yourself. No one else. What others believe in you are just an opinion and nothing more and not always the truth of who you are as a person. Strive to be consistently comfortable with yourself, because if you are not, no one else will be.

Don’t disconnect from yourself to belong to a group or fit a mold others expect to be accepted. Create the person and identity you want to be. Or better, don’t over think your character, just be the natural you. 

6. Practice, Practice and Practice Some More

Confidence in anything areas of life is a skill. No one is just born with confidence. You have to work hard to gain more confidence. Experience tells you that the more you practice a behavior, ability, skill or talent the more proficient you become and the more self-assured you are at performing that behavior, ability, skill or talent. Confidence is not universal, is specific. Meaning no one is confident in everything they do. 

So pick the areas you need to improve your performance in. Once you achieve a level of mastery the happier, fulfilled and more satisfied you become in yourself. That is what confidence is. 


If you want anything in life like confidence, it is a skill you have to work at it whether it is for yourself, a sport or career. Identify what ability you are lacking, what you want to acquire, acquire it, and then practice, practice and practice it. Mastery in anything, like confidence is gained through practicing over and over again.

Confidence is the foundation for social grace. If you are comfortable with your confidence, then you will be comfortable with other people and they will be comfortable with you. Take a risk and manifest your confidence to the world. In life it is not what you know or say, it is about what you manifest from within yourself.
         Coach Bill
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  1. Bill,

    I found confidence by completing objectives. This is a process that builds upon itself. A person can start by setting simple objectives. I agree with everything else that you have indicated. Objectives can be personal or professional.

    Thank you for your continued newsletters.

    Have a great New Year.

    Warm regards,

    Steve Olson

    1. Steve,

      Thank you so much for your comments. Your comments will help others. I am glad you enjoyed this blog.

      Many people carry beliefs that they are not good enough or don't perform well enough. Those beliefs can deplete a person's confidence and esteem. Also those beliefs can cause havoc in there life.

      Thank you for being a subscriber and hope you continue to read more of my blogs and express your opinion in the comment section because it is not valuable to me but to enlighten others.

      Happy New Year and I hope this year will be a good one for your family and yourself.



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  3. Imran,

    I appreciate your reading my blog so much. Yes we are similar in beliefs. Really nice. Thank you for your interaction with me. Hope to hear from you again. I will check out your blog.

    Blessings in this new year.

    Coach Bill