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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

9 Tips for Stopping Diluted Thinking

I wrote a blog on diluted thoughts and how these types of cause black thinking. So I want to be short and sweet, and present to you 9 tips on how to reduce the effects of diluted thoughts and turn black thinking into positive thinking.

9 Tips on how to turn your thinking around to positive

1. “Filter out what is not useful and accept what is. Improve your clarity of mind.” 

You are bombarded and inundated with information constantly. People tell you how and who to be as well as what you should or shouldn't do. Don't take everything you read and hear as total truth or literal.  Approach each piece of something with skepticism. Decide what works for you. In life, there are countless approaches to doing everything. Really there’s no right or wrong. It all depends on how you view it. Reference information from everyone and incorporate what works for you. Make it your unique to you.

2. “My expectations are mine to fulfill and yours are yours to fulfill.”

It is your personal authority to live a life happiness the way you want.  What brings you happiness is doing what you are passionate about and not doing what you think someone else expects you to do, be or think. To think you can be liked by everyone is a diluted thought and unrealistic. There is a 50% rule in life. No matter what you do or say in life, 50% will be for you and 50% are going to against you no matter how you attempt to change it. Form your own expectations for yourself and live up to them faithfully. 

3. “Don’t be afraid of another person who can do everything, be afraid of the person who masters one specific skill well.”  

Quit trying to do everything at one time. Your brain is not built to multitask but to focus on one thing at a time. So pick one skill that you want to master and then practice, practice and practice some more to build your confidence in order to make a positive impact on your life.

4. “Do not get stuck in one style. Be flexible, adaptable, and own it.”  

Hopefully, you have learned that change is endless. It’s crucial to learn how to discover, embrace and flow with positive change. Adopt the truth of change. Be accepting to make the best out of every situation you encounter.

5. “Life is not predetermined; craft your own breaks.”

Focus on the situations you encounter and adjust to them your way. Do not toss away your individuation, express it. Stop measuring yourself to others, as there will always be someone who is better than you or not as good as you in something. Existence is more fulfilling when you love yourself fully and are your authentic self.

6. “Seek out the origin of your identity.” 

It is futile to attempt to control what you do not understand. Don't argue about what you may be blind to. Discover the roots of who you are. It is only when you understand your roots can you nurture them. Knowledge of yourself will move you toward new growth in your desired direction.  Upon enhanced knowledge of your roots, can you at that point really understand what is governing you? This is about becoming aware and reflecting on your true beliefs to make sense of how you act, feel, think and react the way you do.  Growth into what you want to be is choosing your core beliefs and determining what actions you will put into motion to get the fruits that you desire.

7. “Waiting is for something to happen enough; you must create an action plan and do.” Just willing something to happen is not enough; you must do.” 

To get what you desire out of life you have to have an action plan. Without an action plan, you are like a boat without a rudder. A boat without a rudder is directionless. Determine your direction, set a course and cast off. Just thinking positively and sending it out to the universe will not give you what you desire. To get what you want has to do with a combination of things. Refining your mindset, active movement, consistent follow through and cultivating resources to get desired results.

8. “If you have fears of limitation about everything you are going to do, how you are going feel, how you look or anything else, these limitations will manifest in you and generalize to every aspect of your life.”

It is in your innate character to desire to grow and expand.  The reason you are present on earth is to fulfill your purpose.  When you put limitations on yourself and place barriers to retard your movement, your maturity stunts, and nothing changes. Your existence becomes just that existence. Everything becomes mundane, stale and eventually, you exist without purpose or passion. 

The destiny is yours for the taking. Erase limitations, diluted thoughts, and choose a life of purpose and passion.

9. “Take one definite small step toward your intention one day at a time.”

Make a list of all the intentions you want to accomplish. To reach your goal, you need to take action. Work on the most important intention and once completed then move to the next intention. Make it a practice to do something each day with one intention to get you a step closer to your goal.  Don't wait. Just start. Ask yourself, what is the first thing I need to do? What is the one thing I can do right now? Start small, but start somewhere by doing action.
         Coach Bill
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