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Saturday, May 16, 2015

6 Causes of Diluted Thinking & Tips on Stopping

Ever notice as you grew up that your ability to recall accurately situations and events diminish and you lose clarity of the thoughts.  Why? 

Well, your thoughts dilute over time as well as your recollection of those thoughts. If you follow a diluted thought you lose valuable mental clarity and prevents you from reacting appropriately to situations. You become entangled in a path of obstacles and distractions. which pull you away from intuitive messages from your gut instincts. 

Yet among all the distractions, the message of the diluted thoughts persists. No matter how hard you attempt to discredit the thoughts its landscape continually transforms in a blink of an eye. To follow the message of a diluted thought fills you with a sense of emptiness. If you study the void created by the diluted thought and not the thought itself, you find the feeling that something is truer out there for you and increase your sense of curiosity thoughts unfamiliar. 

Have to ever realized that your old thoughts have such seductive appeal? Why you keep rethinking them and do not seem to let it go of them? Wonder why you keep going back to them when they are a thing of the past? 

Mind and brain researchers studying thoughts discovered that 84-92% of the thoughts you think daily where the same thoughts you thought yesterday. Over time the more you think the same thoughts the more they deteriorate.  

Your accumulated emotional hurts, wounds and triggers have a way of making you feel obsessed with recalling your past thoughts in an attempt know what you really thought at the time, what did happen for sure or thinking your latent thoughts are a template of what to do or not do in the future. Unfortunately, gaining clear and accurate recall of your latent thoughts from your past is nearly impossible and extremely frustrating. No one else who was with you during those times, recall your situations or events the same as you do now.

But what happens is you become immersed into what is termed black, distorted, or delusional thinking. Black thinking is a form of obsessive thinking overlay thoughts from times gone by. In fact, black thinking is thoughts which have become diluted or unrealistic due to time passing and repetitive recall. Simply all thought dilutes over time. 

Thoughts become distorted, unrealistic, out of context or slanted away from the original true form. Funny though that black thinking seems to not fit your perceptual recall needs about certain situations or events. This type of thinking can get stuck in your mind and make you over think the thoughts, again and again, gaining no closure or resolution. Black thinking can be seductive as well as very destructive at the moment.

What is Black Thinking?

Black or diluted thinking is constant attention to a looping negative thought or set of looping of negative thoughts. Black thinking puts you in a negative dark place in your mind you don't want to be. Black thinking is the result of becoming obsessively focused on old diluted thoughts that rob you of mental clarity. Simply, black thinking is surrendering to ruminating in your head.

The content of these dark thoughts you obsess on originate from false beliefs, old diluted ideas, doubts, and self-judgments that form from your experiences. When you become engrossed in right and wrong with yourself over thoughts, true or not, you tend to take it personally and you treat every statement in your head as a personal affront. Taking your own thoughts personally causes you to be very disappointed with yourself. Therefore you mentally get pulled down into deep black waters in your mind.

How Black Thinking Forms

Ruminating on negative dark thoughts over and over in your mind actually dilutes the thought until it is a figment of its original meaning. Over time these thoughts become even more intense as it was originally. Much like a record player needle which wears down the grooves of a record. The quality and essence of the song are decreased while the sound becoming more irritating. Unfortunately, you don’t stop listening. This process is called diluted thinking. In some circles, it is referred to as black thinking.

Focusing on dilute thoughts cause you to think about details, true or false, of the problem rather than actions to reach a solution.

Diluted Thoughts

You may or may not have heard this type of thinking described as “delusional thinking”.  Delusional thinking has a pathological connotation and is seen as crazy thinking. So I have termed this type of thinking as diluted thinking. You have faced diluted thinking before many times in your life but may not have known. The definition of a diluted thought is any thought or set of thoughts which have been altered mentally over time. Your recollection becomes altered and false. Diluted thinking causes your mind to view past situations wrongly, unrealistic, cloudy and chaotic toward yourself.

If left unchecked, black thinking can become toxic and can pollute your body, mind, and soul. Diluted or black thinking also causes you to ignore what is happening to you and your life in the moment and robs you of life's enjoyments.

6 Tips for Stopping Black Thinking

   1. Anger is a dangerous diluted thought in that it is a wish to 
       harm. A process of exaggerating the bad parts of something 
       or somebody (Root of bitter).

   2. Desirous affection is a diluted thought of becoming attached 
       to something or someone which become so strong and 
       evolves into possession. (jealous, lustful, issues of possession)

   3. Inappropriate attention is a diluted thought of paying too 
       much inappropriate attention to something or someone,
       therefore, depriving yourself of self-love. 

   4. Exaggerated belief is a diluted thought based on negative
       embedded mind codes formed but distorted over time. 

   5. Fear is a diluted thought from over predicting what might 
       happen in the future.
      (worry, false expectation, exaggerated prediction)

   6. Over-expecting is a diluted thought from over expecting
       for yourself, situations or others.

Can it become addicting?

The diluting of a thought or sets of thoughts that can become addicting. You become addicted to ruminating or constantly processing on a thought or sets of thoughts. The more you obsess by allowing the thoughts to loop over and over again in your head. The more you allow this to occur the greater the chance you could become addicted (severe habit) to those thoughts.

3 Signs of Thought Addiction resulting from fixating on a diluted thought can:

1.   Intensify other diluted thoughts to be more destructive.

2.   Intensify the aggressiveness of your inner self-talk voice 
      (Inner Critic) to become meaner and more self-critical.

3.   Formation of catastrophic thoughts which has no firm basis,
      standard or evidence and lead you into constant chaos and 

Important Note

Trauma will intensify the reliving experience of painful recollections.

If you are a survivor of abuse, combat or trauma and suffering from hurtful Post-traumatic Stress, your PTS symptoms will intensify any dilution thoughts which form in your mind and will be intensified by active PTS symptoms as well as take aim at defeating your core of self.

Take Away

If you are attempting to heal from past experiences and your thinking has become black and you seem to be fighting yourself. Stop swimming against the current. Stop obsessing on attempting to fix your past and start living in the moment and become more mindful. What happened, happened. There is nothing that will change what happened.

There is hope. But you have to start now. Make a promise to stop holding onto the past ideas, thoughts, and recollections. They have diluted over time and are not true representations of what occurred. Start focusing on making your experiences positive today.

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     Coach Bill                                       


  1. Very useful text. Could be more useful if author sheds more light on the specific ways to overcoming black thinking. Just to say let go of past is a bit too generic I think.

    1. Unknown,

      Thanks for your comment but you have to start somewhere. Letting go of the past is learning to live in the moment. That is all we really have.

      Coach Bill