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Monday, January 13, 2014

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Positive Story of Healing

If You Are Ready To Reclaim Complete Control and Freedom Back from Dissociative Identity Disorder, Then This Is The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Read…

Hello, my name is Susan, 

I am here to tell you how I got healed from Dissociative Identity Disorder and made closure with my Trauma for good. I’d like to tell you can too.  

My story of how I got healed from Dissociative Identity Disorder - D.I.D. (formerly known as multiple personality disorder).

For the last 20 years, I've been dealing with trauma, flashbacks, depression, PTSD, nightmares, panic attacks, and D.I.D.

All of which were results of repetitive childhood abuse and trauma.

Luckily, I survived it all… sexual abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, incest, rape and more… all done to me by the people I trusted the most, the people that were supposed to look after me.
Like many, many other women, instead of realizing it wasn't my fault I blamed myself for EVERYTHING.
…And I became sicker and sicker with each trauma.

Worst Part Of It All Was That No One Understood Me…Even The ‘Experts’ Didn't Know How To Help Me…

It was the most frustrating thing not having answers for YEARS.
The therapists I went to either didn't believe in D.I.D or had no experience with it at all. Those therapists just ended up telling me I had severe depression and misdiagnosed me with borderline personality disorder…

On top of that, they ended up putting me on several different medications, which didn't help me at all.
That’s when I started losing hope; I didn't know what to do. Not only did I feel alone I felt crazy, and because of it, I continued taking it out on myself again by self-harming, hair pulling, and attempting suicide.

Those were the darkest times of my life.

Fast Forward to today and my life is entirely different.

I want to say:

I'm not depressed anymore.

I am no longer suicidal.

I no longer experience the horrible fear, and negative emotions, that comes with the flashbacks.

I don't self‐harm. (In fact, I don't even get urges)

I don’t switch from one part to another at all. (Unlike most therapy methods that get rid of parts, my parts are all still there, happy in their safe bubble. I communicate with them when need be, but I am in COMMAND. They no longer lead my life. We are whole, ONE. We live and make decisions together.

I no longer lose time, hours, days, even weeks of not knowing what happened. I am always present now.

I am so happy with myself and so alive. I just can’t say it enough.




My relationship with my husband has NEVER been better, and I get to spend lots of quality time with my son, without worrying about switching and losing time again.

So how did I heal?

One day, I was searching the internet for a solution to my situation, and I stumbled onto…A new alternative method to heal System Unification Method - S.U.M.

System Unification Method is an update of a method formerly called Incorporation Therapy founded by Dr. William Tollefson.

At first, when I heard about this, I thought to myself “I have never heard of this”…,

“A method specially designed for Dissociative Identity Disorders? This sounds too good to be true”…

But I just kept reading…

I read testimonial after testimonial of women, similar to me who had little or no hope before experiencing System Unification Method or SUM and then ended up getting better after going through the method…Then, I did more research and discovered the technique itself has already changed the lives of thousands of women from all over the world in the last 19 years.

In fact, the founder of the method happened to be the world’s #1 most trusted authority on trauma, PTSD, and D.I.D. and has been helping people for over 38 years.

Turns out, the founder also suffered from trauma, PTSD, and dissociation like myself, and was able to HEAL himself from it, then started helping others in their recovery.

Finally, someone who is like me… who gets what I'm going through… who knows what it’s like to be dissociative. That was the first time I have ever heard of someone like that, who is out there to actually help people like me.

The more and more I learned about the method, the more hope I started having…
Suddenly, there was a light at the end of the tunnel again… and I wanted to give the method a try.
I had nothing to lose. I’d already wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on therapy, hospital bills, medication, and treatment that didn’t work. I was so excited to try out a method that specialized in what I had and had results to back it up.
So I went for it…

“I picked up the phone and called the founder Dr. Bill directly and then the very next day I traveled and met with the Founder to check it out. Then I began the preparation work and education to get myself and my system ready to go through the SYSTEM UNIFICATION METHOD…”

What I heard helped to work through my denial and the resistance from my parts to get help because they were afraid.

I did not want to admit I was sick and wasn’t ready yet to do it for me .… yet deep down I knew I needed to get better for my baby and husband.

This was indeed different from anything else I’ve ever done before…

I discovered that I wasn’t alone.  Women from all over the world, with all kinds of trauma issues, different backgrounds and issues, most of which like me came from incest or some other form of child abuse had sought help with this method before me.

What I was taught before experiencing the System Unification Method helped me realize that I was not my abusers, that I can love myself and that I would get better for me and my system.

The other D.I.D. treatment programs out there were geared towards confining me in a hospital environment and eliminating your parts. With the support I received, I discovered that I could keep myself safe and accomplish saving myself and my system without being locked up in a hospital that did not understand me or believe in what I was going through.

The BIG idea of the System Unification Method is not to get rid of your parts or anything like that. Your parts are you. They helped you survive the horrible things that happened to you in your past. They SAVED you. By my mind splitting as I called it and allowed me to escape the trauma, I lived. If it weren't for my system I would be alive to today, we would not be here.

The point of this method is to empower me to allow my parts to heal so that we can function as a whole.
My experience with the Systems Unification Method was terrific, and not scary at all. It was hard work, but it was an excellent experience. I was able to remove the pain from each of my parts and allow them to feel safe and protected as well as get rid of all the core beliefs that built up from my abuse and trauma. I created a safe place for us inside what is referred to as a “bubble” inside my body that kept us in balance.

Once finished everything was immediately different. The loudness in my head, the chaos, was gone. My overwhelming panic and fear I had pounding inside of me constantly before the healing was alleviated.

I felt amazing. I felt so alive for the first time EVER.

My vision was even changed. Everything felt so bright, like a shade of darkness had been lifted.

I felt safe and alive for the first time in a really, really long time.

“I Highly Recommend This Method To Anyone Who Has D.I.D.
No Matter How Many Parts You Have, How Lost You Feel, or How Scared You Are…”

Think about it. Finally for the first time in your life achieving freedom.

Learn more about System Unification Method For Women With D.I.D.

Let Dr. Bill help you like he helped me. I had no idea how sick I really was until I was better.

I was so scared to embrace the SUM method and my power, but I encourage you to try it. It’s the best choice I have ever made for my family myself and my system.

I am finally free to become my real self.

I recommend this method to anyone with D.I.D or anyone who thinks they may have it. 

If you are DID, I invite you to experience this post-trauma program that literally changed and saved my life.

Susan S.,  Iowa

Click Here to learn more about the System Unification Method for DID

Download my eBook as my gift to you.

           Coach Bill

Don’t forget to keep up on all my blogs and website for healing tips for survivors of abuse, DID, PTSD and trauma. 


  1. I suffer from DID, but i live in a third world country where there is less understanding of the condition. I have tried to approach my loved ones and explain my condition but i always end up losing them half way through the conversation. the complexity of the dilemma is too much to understand. I don't suffer from black out or amnesia, we are all conscious that we share a body and damage is the least thing we wanna do, nonetheless in my teen years self harm was present. I have 3 major personalities but i can also sense others lurking. It can be fun when i am alone, but not with other people are around and i ask either of my alters a question. i have learned to live with my condition, and we have grown as a family that wants the best for this body.

    1. Thank you Anonymous for your comment. Sounds like you have made a healthy connection with you system and are benefiting from it.

  2. great post. Been working through my DID for about 8 years now. Alot of good strides in integrating. One challenge after dealing with so many "colorful" (distinct)characters is that dividing and starting over really became a HABIT that I remember in later years (say 10-12 years old up)I still practiced dividing as it was my coping mechanism, and when something bad happened i couldn't get away from I'd continue to reject whoever I was and start over (not knowing exactly what i was doing that was so unsuccessful but "obviously was"). So i believe there are still unintegrated parts that aren't that significant (colorful-dramatic)butkeep me feeling fragmented instead of single-focused. i don't need to be anonymous but the options below are too confusing, i do go by Carlie

    1. I really appreciate your comments again. So glad you find importance in sharing your thoughts and openness on this blog topic. We all need to find positive and productive solutions to dissociation. Maybe one is to give ourselves permission to heal and then choose health.

      Unification rather than fragmentation is possible. It is all in how you believe and view it

  3. I guess my earlier post didn't take. Challenge i have is that i've integrated a LOT over the past 7-8 years (worked hard)dealing with lots of parts that were pretty distinct. But I remember as a young teen (around then and older) it simply became a habit to dissaciate and start over (even though some things weren't as traumatic as earlier stuff)rejecting everything i had done in the past to start afresh, not really knowing what i had done that was wrong (or bring on such terrible consequences). So there are still some parts that seem to keep me from being single focused but they are harder to identify. thanks for "listening"/reading.

  4. Dear CarlieLu,

    Thank you for your comments and you self-openness. You are powerful, not weak.

    People who have survived terrible life situations need to understand they did nothing wrong. Single focus can be accomplished by connecting all parts into a network and working together. Dissociation is not bad or a disease. You can make it positive.