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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Inner Values are really Core Beliefs; 4 Tips for Becoming Positive

Inner Values or better known as core beliefs are accepted standards, self-messages, ethics, inner laws, rules, and moral principles formed and retained in your mind from life experiences. 

Your core beliefs direct, influence and govern heavily all your attitudes, behaviors, feeling, thinking and how your reaction. Your core belief system is not always set by you. Because not all of what you believe in comes from you. 

Inner values or core values are the worth that you put on each core belief in your belief system.

For the most part, core beliefs subconsciously formed by others who you have an emotional connection or attachment. Core beliefs can be set by family members you care about, people you look up to in your life who you are emotionally attached to like partners, spouses, teachers, coaches, community, government or religious doctrine. Simply put core beliefs can be input into your subconscious by anyone you are emotionally connected to. It is emotions that allow other peoples beliefs to pass by your perceptual filters without being filtered.

Dark Side of Core Beliefs

On the dark side, your core beliefs can be set negatively by force, by people who have hurt and/or abused you. Forced beliefs are what I termed Abuser Values in my book, Separated From the Light, and can cause you to hurt, be mean, judge and sabotage yourself unknowingly. Understand that you cannot successfully do what you want to do if you are directed by negative beliefs that are not your own or you have not accepted knowingly. Meaning if you have no ownership of your core beliefs but you are emotionally connected to the person in a situation, positively or negatively, resulting formed core beliefs will slip quietly into your subconscious. When you do not have ownership then you do not have authority over yourself. Rouge negative core beliefs can block your success and happiness. 

4 Tips on how to change negative core beliefs

1. Stop, 

2. take a breath, 

3. list your core beliefs and their inner value (worth / 1-10) 

4. review them with a serious eye and replace them with new core beliefs. 

After Thoughts

If you do not know or accept your core beliefs as yours then you 
can't change them. 

    Coach Bill                                       


  1. thank you for the reminder of this....this is one of the things I'm still stuck on.

  2. It will help me to revive my inner values

    1. Dear Tarjeet,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I beleive that inner values are the worth we put on our beliefs and depending on the worth how those beliefs will influence our lives.

      I am glad this blog helped you to revive your inner values.