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Thursday, January 12, 2017

6 Tips on Breaking Barriers Stopping You from Identifying Your Power

Everyone strives to create more power in themselves and their lives. Yet there seems to be things that stop them from accomplishing what is wanted due to unidentified barriers. 

Here are barriers and tips on how to effect positive change.

1. Stop letting the expectations of others govern your life

It’s not what others expect of you, it’s what you expect of yourself that determines your path.

It’s your expectations that are what’s best for you and your life.

2. Stop focusing on past situations

It’s not your past which determines your future course.

It’s the substance of your actions in the moment that determines your future.

3. Stop wavering on decisions about what you want

You will be stuck where you are until you decide where you want to go. 

Make a concrete positive action plan for what you want and create small steps to follow to get there. Take one step at a time until you complete all the steps in your action plan.

Take accountability for completing your action plan.

4. Stop trying to be and do everything perfect 

Set a new mindset to allow yourself to do your best in everything you do. 

Acquire new skills to help you do your best. Practice the new skills until you are more confident and reach a level of mastery. 

Be comfortable in moving forward even though your may have doubts.

5. Stop avoiding issues due to negative beliefs 

Stop ignoring issues because you believe you can’t make them right.

Your core beliefs actually determine how you act, think and feel. 

Create new beliefs and passionately work to make them come true.

6. Stop looking at the negative things about yourself or negative situations in your life

If you focus on the past you remain in the past. 

Look at what you have not what you don’t have.

Identify what makes you fulfilled and satisfied in the moment and multiply them.

Appreciate the moment because that is all you have.

Take Away 

Power of positiveness is achieved by looking at what you have in the moment, not what you do not have or what someone else has more of. Positive thinking, success and fulfillment arises from creating positive beliefs about yourself and putting positive actions into your life. 

Focus on yourself. Identifying and practice the good aspects of your abilities, character and qualities which will produce an increase in your confidence and power. Follow through even though at first you don’t think you deserve or have them. Live in the moment and be mindful.

The more you practice being who you want to be, the more you will be.

         Coach Bill

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  1. As always you're spot-on Dr Bill! This one really reminded me of where I was when I met you and how incredibly far I've come with your help. I'll always be grateful. Thank you so much for your wisdom, your guiding and your unwavering support. Shelli

    1. Unknown

      I really appreciate your comments. You are very welcome. My goal is to inspire others to achieve healing and growth. It was a pleasure to been part of your team and seeing become stronger and more confident. Continue to move forward in your life. I believe you can.

      Thanks again, Coach Bill