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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

3 Tips for Eliminating Emotional Wounds

Are you searching your past for answers about why your life is not fulfilling? Maybe you are still holding onto old pain. 

As everyone knows who has followed me knows I am a big supporter of making closure with past emotional wounds and regrets rather than attempting and failing to make than resolution. 

Closure to resolution is like “doing your best” as compared to “trying to achieve perfection”.

If you are not able to make closure with your past emotional hurts or painful events then those deep hurts stay with you. If you have not let go of them or have not gotten over them, they will revisit you constantly even without your consent. These emotional hurts leave a negative emotional charge or painful scar in the form of a regret on your core and the result is you spend too much time reflecting on your past. 

These emotional regrets of your past don’t allow you live in the moment. Your life passes by, there is no going back and can never be recovered.

Also, these emotional wounds that have not been dealt sometimes from childhood will cause you an inability to function later as adults. They will deplete your energy and spirituality as well as not permit yourself to move forward, have a successful relationship with yourselves or with other people in your life. 

In order to move forward in your life and grow, you need to make closure with your past emotional wounds.

3 Tips on Making Closure and Dumping Your Regrets

1. Recognize 

   Take time to recognize and evaluated by writing a list of 
   all your emotional wounds and the regrets connected to them.

2. Denounce

    Openly denounce these emotional wounds and regrets 
    by verbalizing that these past hurts don’t define you 
    as a person and that you are no longer giving them 
    mental space or energy.

3. Engage 

    Honestly, connect and interact with the moment. 
    Follow through on you promise in tip 2 then turn 
    your back on those past wounds and walk away 
    down a new path and never look back.

Think about this quote -

 “The inability to make closure with one world stops you from                        moving forward and opening another one.”
     Coach Bill                                           
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