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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Powers of Thought: 2 Tips on Increasing Mental Focus

Doesn’t seem like sometimes your mind works against. Almost seems like it. Sometimes it feels like your mind is just lounging around creating negative beliefs, distracting thoughts, false emotions, unfounded fears, and worries just to sidetrack you from tasks and reducing your performance. All of this causes you to feel annoyed, disappointed, unsatisfied and the list goes on and on. 

Do you want this? 

There are two things that keep you from being able to keep your mind focused and on task.

#1 Wandering Mind

Don’t allow your mind to wander. One reason that causes your mind to wander is holding on to regrets from the past that you have not resolved in your head or your heart and attempting to come up with a way to fix the past.

Ask yourself. “Can I fix what has already happened or what I have done?” Well, the answer should be “no” you cannot. What has happened has happened. You can’t undo what is already done or change the outcome. Understand what is gone is gone. 

Best thing to do is to identify what you are fixated on and then name the situation you have not been able to stop holding onto. Once they have a name for them you can decide whether those events are worth hanging onto. With a name, it is easier to get passed them. 

#2 Predicting the Future

The second thing that your mind practices to distract you is to predict what is going to happen. The thinking process of predicting depletes focus and concentration. Predicting is a fruitless exercise that produces feeling anxiety, apprehension, and fear based on false assumptions. No one can see the future. If you were able to see the future then the lottery would be won in every drawing. That certainly is not true. Also, bad things could be stopped before they happened. Of course, you know that is not possible either.

So to gain mental focus stop projecting what might occur in the future.

Tip on How to Fix

The best way to increase your focus is to practice being mindful and start living in the moment. There are many methods that can help you learn to be mindful like meditation and breathing techniques. So, investigate and find one that you can be consistent with and be comfortable with. 

Once you master the ability to be mindful and you are living in the moment rather than regretting the past or predicting the future, you will see an increase in your ability to focus on tasks and your performance will surge. A side benefit will be a great sense of self-confidence. 
    Coach Bill                                   

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