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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas and Holiday Message from Dr. Bill

Merry Christmas 2017 to one and all!!!!

I feel blessed to be alive and the ability to make positive changes in my life. This year has been a year of new beginnings and growth. I turned 67 years old and feel like I did at 19. My family and I survived Hurricane Irma this year. Blessed, blessed and more blessing.

I want to express my gratitude from my heart this Christmas morning for all my Blog Followers, friends and family. Thank you for all the followings and the compassion all of you have shown by believing in my and finding my words as value.

What a fabulous year it has been. Many positive changes along with some losses. I really count my blessings and all of you are included in my blessings and gratitudes.

Please take a minute today to celebrate the moment and count your blessings. Being alive to celebrate this year, 2017.

Also wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

                         Merry Christmas 2017 to one and all!!!!

                                       Coach Bill

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