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Monday, November 23, 2015

Announcement: Dr Bill has Gone Mobile

New Website

It has been over 5 years since I first opened my original Trauma Recovery website. Times have changed and so have my services and abilities. I am proud to announce that I have a created a new website to replace the old one. It has been remade to be easier to use and offered new context under Trauma Recovery, Addiction Recovery and Life Coaching. 

Click on this link - to see the changes. 


I am real excited because for the first time my site is now available on mobile phones, smartphones and tablets of all types. Mobile has been one thing that I did not have on the previous website. Please check it out on your mobile phone and enjoy the content that is available on my website. 

Type in on your mobile browser and slide through all the content when you are on the go.


You are still able to download my second book Personal Philosophy as my gift on both the PC and mobile site, purchase my first book Separated From the Light and other products, my watch my videos on the drop down menu under the Knowledge Center tab at the top of the Home page, and read through testimonials from clients as well as connect to my blog William Tollefson Values.

I added a new page where you can investigate details on Rapid Reduction Technique©® and its possibilities for eliminating flashbacks on the drop down menu at the top under the Trauma tab at the top of the Home page.

My Mission

      “My #1 goal is to inspire people to make a change. 
Whatever you want to do, let me inspire you to achieve it.”

I truly want to thank everyone for the support and following me for all these years.
         Coach Bill
More information at website and click here to download free eBook.

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