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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

30 Quotes to Mend PTSD

Changing your mindset of traumatic and abusive experiences is the first step to healing your past wounds. Regaining your personal power through knowledge and gaining command of your thoughts by shifting your formed traumatic beliefs makes all the difference in your path to recovery.

Here are some quotes which will strengthen your ability to make a positive change and reduce effects of PTSD as well as become more mindful and intuitiveness. If you change your view and your symptoms will lose their power over you.

"Think it, see it, feel it, do it, be it and it will happen."

“The greatest hurdle in recovering from abuse or trauma experiences is the issue of loyalty.”

"Emotional abuse is one of the worse types of abuse because it has produced invisible wounds."

“The power of a PTSD flashback does not come from itself but rather the power you give it.”

"The past is the past. Don't find a way to stay attached to what no longer has any power."

“If you have survived abuse or trauma then you won. Celebrate your triumph!”  

“Abuse and trauma experiences cause an emptiness, a loss of self and addiction is sought to fill the emptiness. The action of reconnecting with self is your path to freedom post-traumatic experiences.”

“Keeping the secret abuse is a barrier to healing”

“Traumatic wounds should remind your triumphs and not the predictor of where you are going.”

"I" should be your main objective in life. Once you feel your true "I", you can then manifest it out into your world.”

“Traumatic scars of your past makes you stronger and the person you are today.”

“A perpetrator uses the emotion of love as a leverage to veil over your eyes, heart, and mind in order to take your away from the truth of reality.”

“Recovery has to be cultivated and nurtured to be the healing vehicle.”

“Your Soul is never damaged from trauma, it just hides in safety until it is time to return home and breathe life into you once more.”

“Focusing on your breathing deeply allows you to touch your Soul in the moment.”

“You have the ability to heal from PTSD wounds if you get out of your own way and invest in self.”

“Your formed beliefs from trauma experiences colors everything in your future. Change those false beliefs and free yourself from those shackles.”

“The most important job you have in healing from PTSD is to stay connected fully to yourself, not manage others or your environment.”

"Don't let your past experience define you, define yourself in the moment."

“There is nothing you can't have or do if you strongly desire it and are ready and willing to believe in you.”

“Whatever you carry inside yourself from trauma is you manifested on the outside.”

”Emotional pain from traumatic wounds will diminish if you don’t feed it”

“Awareness and knowledge is the source of empowerment”

“If only thinking” is distorted thinking which blocks your Soul from post-trauma mending.”

“Trauma and abuse experiences produces a false sense of perfection as a way of being safe.”

 ”You don't have PTSD. PTSD has you” 

 “Triggers become raw if flashbacks are entertained too much.”

“A flashback is a manifestation of a past energy you haven’t yet dealt with.”

“Allowing a traumatic memory to replay again and again is a form of self-terrorism.”

“PTSD symptoms are not a flaw in personal strength but a gift of the Soul to survive.”

“Awakening to your inner wisdom, inner feelings, inner thoughts, inner spirituality, inner support and inner love equals a fulfilled, healthy and propitious you.”
       Coach Bill                                                       
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About the Author:  Coach Bill Tollefson is a Certified Master Life, Trauma, and Holistic Addiction Recovery Coach. His passion is to inspire individuals to achieve balance and get what they want out of life.

Coach Bill has authored 2 books entitled: 
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    1. Dear johnny,

      Thank you for you comments on this blog. I write to inspire and give mindfulness to others.

      Blessings, Coach Bill