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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Edge – A Great Coffeehouse in Middle America

People who know me well know I love my coffee. I didn’t have my first cup until I was 35 years old. Since then I have developed a pure positive coffee addiction. 

Over the years I searched for a coffee with a pure black taste. A coffee which would give a good deep flavor without an acid uptake. I get acid uptake with favorite commercial brands. The famous and usual corporate coffee shops just did not satisfy me or give me a deep coffee taste. Understand I drink my coffee clean, I mean black, so nothing is obscuring the flavor because I like the pure taste of coffee.

I was always looking for that elusive pure coffee taste. I was acutely aware I like a strong aroma and robust flavor. Then at the age of 42, I had my first taste of Colombian espresso, and from that first taste, I fell in love. 

A “red eye” coffee which is a shot of espresso in a cup of coffee, is a treat but of course too much to fix each morning in your own home. So through my constant searching for many years, I finally developed my own special blend of coffee that fit my taste. The combination I developed gave me a dark, favorable and acid-free taste I had sought after for many years. 

Visiting The Edge of Coffee Heaven

Well, I had another excellent experience. I recently took a trip back to my home state of Illinois where I lived for growing up. I was visiting my brother-in-law’s home in Crete who is also a coffee lover and frequent coffee drinker like me. Every time I would visit him, or he would visit me, I would set him up with my unique blend of coffee which he could not get in his area.

Travel Tip

While there one morning my brother-in-law asked me if I would like to go get some coffee at a unique coffeehouse in his neighborhood. Of course, I said yes. So he drove me to The Edge Coffeehouse and Roasting Company. As we walked up to the coffeehouse, I immediately noticed the patio and front door which was very inviting. First good mark for the coffeehouse. 

Once in the coffeehouse, I found the environment to be comfortable and in many ways very spiritual atmosphere. I felt relaxed right away. The colors and the layout gave me a sense of calmness. The interior was very well done and thought out as well as appealing. I started a conversation with the manager, who was very friendly. I ended up getting a tour and history of the place.

Another uniqueness about the coffeehouse is that all their coffee is roasted, ground and brewed right there. Their coffee unique blended flavors are packaged right there, and ship all over the USA.

The Edge’s coffee is flavorful and has a deep coffee taste. I found the Edge’s red-eye to be extremely satisfying. I have tasted a lot around the country in my travels and the coffee at the Edge Coffeehouse is the best in that area I have found for all the right reasons I have sited. 

What a wonderful experience I had that day as a coffee lover. So if you ever find yourself near or in the town of Crete and if you are a lover of coffee like me then visit and check out the coffee there. 

Here is a link to The Edge’s Yelp Page -

       Coach Bill                                                       

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